Weekend Update: November 22

Happy Friday! Can you believe that Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK?? I feel like this month has just flown by!

What I Bought:
-A white bow jacket
-A black military wool coat
-Another black jacket with a faux fur trim
(from the Alo sale:)
-These green moto leggings
-A matching green sports bra
-A cuter max support workout bra
-My favorite workout crop top in pink

NYC Life: This week was crazy hectic for me with work (which I am VERY happy about, but it can just seem like a lot!). I'm what you call an empath and so I worry all the time about you guys and the content I'm putting out. Is it too much? Not enough? And everything in between. I know I shared this on IG stories yesterday but just wanted to reiterate it here: tis the season for sales and buying. Blogs and influencers like myself are here to help guide you, not pressure you into buying! Things will not make you happy! So I worry that I'm sending the wrong message and oversaturating my content but I'm hoping that it will, in turn, help more than harm. Just my two cents!

This week behind the scenes was sad with lots of emotions that brought up my own fears and sadness about death. But with that also comes a lot of love and extra appreciation for those who are around you. So just take time to squeeze the people you love a little harder this weekend and tell them you love them.

Weekend Plans: I was originally planning on being here this weekend and flying out for Thanksgiving on Monday to NC, but we had a change of plan and Andrew and I are heading to SC Sunday for a service and I'll be driving to NC from there on Monday! Because of that, we'll probably head up to Westchester tomorrow and do all of our normal Sunday stuff then!

Favorite Finds: 
-A super cute brown everyday bag for under $100!
-I would like someone to buy me these black bow earrings
-I am very much obsessed with this clutch and I don't know why lol
-These high waist sequins leggings
-Velvet cocktail dress under $50

A Must Watch: I think Jenna Marbles is one of the funniest people in this world and this video had me CRYING for 16 minutes straight. It's so dumb but so funny. 

Most Popular Item of the Week: These J. Crew plaid pumps! I mean, what I not to love?? They are going to be one of those shoes that a year from now you're going to be kicking yourself over for not buying lol.

Amazon Purchases:
-These OXO reusable lids
-A pet grooming glove
-A lint/pet hair roller
-This ring light/phone holder for my stories
-Another phone holder for the bathroom
-My favorite headband in white

Holiday Gift of the Week: This waffle cosmetic bag. It's only $22 and you can get it monogrammed. Perfect for when you need to get someone "something small" but still want to leave a lasting impact. Great for your boss, girlfriend, sister, best friend!

Holiday Sales This Week: I created THIS PAGE with the best holiday sales so be sure to bookmark/save as it's updated daily! Some great sales still going on:
-Jack Rogers everything under $50
-Alo Yoga 30% off
-Vineyard Vines 25% off
-And this isn't public but Tuckernuck emailed me 15% off + free shipping with code "FUN15" and it doesn't seem to work on Barbour but it does work on Canada Goose... soooooo you better get to scooting before they change that!!! 

Holiday Giveaway: The HomeGoods winner is @juliana_mariel! So please DM/Email me to claim!! This week I'm giving away TWO $150 gift cards to Talbots and a $100 gift card to Target! These are part of the giveaway I'm doing where every sponsorship I have this month will also give back to you!! To enter, just continue to engage with comments and likes here and on IG!


  1. I saw your post on IG and again here about your concerns relating to how your work may pressure people to buy buy buy. You are very right, things do not make you happy. In today's social media world, I think there is a lot of pressure to be like everyone else and have what everyone else has. It was refreshing to have you acknowledge the pressures that come with social media. At the same time, we all choose to read your posts ;) I really enjoy your content and your honesty. Hope you have a great holiday!

  2. I am obsessed with velvet dresses for the holiday! I just need to find somewhere to wear them. I love the monogrammed makeup bag idea for a gift and then filling it with the little sample size items from Target.

  3. I am obsessed with all the bows this season. Keep them coming!

  4. great post, and awesome sales page! excited for holiday sales

  5. I love that you acknowledge the consumerism! Thank you for sharing things you love!

  6. Love the content thus far! Thank you!

  7. I look forward to these weekend updates all week long! Thanks so much for putting these together!

  8. I'm enjoying the holiday content and I appreciate that you help me sift through all of the items available online. That for me is overwhelming! When our close friends experience loss it's natural to think about losing more people around us. Be gentle with yourself during this time!

  9. I love this shoes and pants combo and you had a try on with another brand with red plaid pants that matched the cable knit. I love matchy matcy!

  10. Not going to lie, I CONSTANTLY check your amazon shop page for new items so i'm loving you putting them in your weekend updates!

  11. Agree, this was really cool Krista! A good reminder that a lot of bloggers forget.

  12. I love your content - keep it up! I love that you type on your stories too, I know that takes so much time but I usually don’t have the sound on! I just got my Harper Wilde box & cannot wait for my vineyard finds to come!

  13. EricaingallsguthrieNovember 22, 2019 at 7:58 PM

    Thanks for keeping track of the sales. I didn’t know about the tnuck one — it saved me money on gifts!

  14. These are my favorite posts every week!!! I'm loving all your finds!

  15. Absolutely loving your finds! Also the outfit featured in this post is just so cute

  16. I love all your amazon finds!! Thanks for sharing!!

  17. I cannot wait to see how you style up that adorable GMG coat!! It is so perfect with the silhouette and bow!! Also, these shoes in the picture for this post are way too cute, and I NEED them!!! Happy weekend, Krista!!

    xx Libby

  18. Let us know what you think of the GMG black jacket with a faux fur trim, it looks lovely but I'm not sure how versatile it it...

  19. I love your Gift of the Week! That's the perfect affordable gift for the girlfriend who has everything!

  20. Please do a post of your trip to NC. I am planing a trip to Asheville this summer and would love recs!


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