Weekend Update: October 4

I got to play a model twice this week at two different fashion week events! The above was from my David's Bridal presentation!

Favorite Finds:
-OBSESSED with the height and color of this heel
really cute (and possible fun holiday option) top
-I love a good affordable cashmere t-shirt
-Celine-esque sunglasses
-I'm a sucker for a nice fall wrap... loving this one from Barbour and this beige and pink one!
-SUPER cute pearl bag
-A great affordable fall bag
-A textured turtleneck sweater
-Easy slip-on sneakers
-Jumping on the silk skirt bandwagon
-Ok hear me out on these... $18 skinny jeans

NYC Life: This week has hectic for me. I never truly understand how much I need and live off a routine until I'm taken away from it. I get super stressed by it and I remember having the same issue at work. I like to do things hourly to stay on top of my work and being pulled away by an event (or like an offsite/long lunch at work) messes everything up. It's also why I'm so bad about blogging when I travel too! I'm just off.

The week started out great and then it just got messy Wednesday and Thursday. I was dealing with some site issues, followed by more technical issues with my domain and platform. My Prose offer wasn't working for people to get their discount and the team didn't know how to fix it. I had two 5+ hour-long events on Wednesday and Thursday -- both of which I really loved but it wore me out after and then I got stressed for how behind I was. It was just a lot! It's why I don't say yes to many events because for me to be at my best, I need my routine. 

I hope this doesn't come off as complaining, but just venting. Because all these thoughts are in my head about it but I just don't get to share it with many people so you guys are my soundboard. Also, I've realized, that too much social interaction really wears me out. Does anyone else get like that? I mean I feel so "on" at events, making sure I'm being extremely nice to those who are helping me, those who I am working with and those who I am meeting for the first time. Not that it's not me (I'm a pretty nice person IMO lol) but I always want to make sure I am putting in that extra effort so that those around me can feel loved and appreciated without any thought.

Now I'm just rambling but all this to say I've had an off-kilter week and Imma be back to normal soon after a quick weekend reset!

Weekend Plans: Excited for the cooler weather to be here this weekend!! Andrew and I are heading up to an apple picking farm for some of your basic fall stuff ;) and then hopefully spending the day upstate wandering around town! Outside of that, it'll be a lot of relaxing and playing catch up from the week!

A Must Watch: The new Shane Dawson series! Is anyone invested in the beauty community/Shane Dawson/YouTube as a whole as much as I am?? There's another one dropping today that I am VERY excited about. 

Most Popular Item of the Week: This white bodysuit from earlier this week! I have really been loving it and I think you will too!

Amazon Purchases: I was literally too busy this week to shop or think about shopping for anything. PLUS I accidentally shipped all my purchases to my sister's house and then had to pay to ship them to me -_____- #annoying. BUT reminder that you can see more purchases on my new shop page!!

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