Weekend Update: September 27

Happy Friday! Don't mind me in my 1000% fall sweater, just waiting for the season to change while standing in front of my AC hahah. Hope you all had a wonderful week!

(makeup linked here; sweater here)
What I Bought: 
-Giving these jeggings a go (since they were $20 I thought why not!)
-Got this moto jacket in black although I wish it were available in brown!!
-A go-to white tank
-I loved these shoes so much in navy I also picked them up in black
NYC Life: This week was another busy one as the fall and holiday months are quickly approaching (eek!). I also got back to my personal training sessions which have been tough on my body haha. And I had a really fun fitting for something next week with David's Bridal! Outside of that, I've still been dealing with this on-again/off-again cold which is annoying but I think I'm finally passed it!

Favorite Finds:
-I remember when I was going through DB dresses to pick out this one looked JUST like mine!! And I wanted to share it so badly but I couldn't. Now I can!
-I LIVE for a good fall skirt. Eyeing this one and this one
-Loving this quilted black bag (very Chanel)
-New Alo leggings? Don’t mind if I do
-Really cute white party dress for brides to be!
-VERY intrigued by these work pants from Spanx

Weekend Plans: I'm hoping to get a lot of work done this weekend in terms of shooting content for the blog. I have a TON of fall stuff I want to share I just need to get it together and share it lol. So I'm trying to get that live for you guys soon! Outside of that, it'll be the same old same old around here!

A Must Watch: I have always loved Philip DeFranco but it was just this week that I started telling Andrew about why I love him so much which made me love him MORE haha. He started this great new series called A Conversation With and I just got around to watching the sitdown with Casey Neistat and thought it was SO interesting. Definitely worth a watch/listen!

Most Popular Item of the Week: This super cute white blazer with gold buttons (cue the heart eyes). SO SAD it's sold out in my size!! A close second was this sticky bra - it's the BEST

Amazon Purchases: Reminder that you can see more purchases on my new shop page!!
-I bought a way too expensive wool hat
-A mini tweed bag
-Some new winter boots
-Trying out a new wool coat
-Finally trying out this hairdryer brush
-A new CamelBak water bottle! 
-Eeek my first pair of biker shorts
-This super cute sweater dres
-A quilted black vest
-This short sleeve sweater
-My favorite earrings in a new navy color
-Boring but some command hooks!
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