Weekend Update: September 13

Happy Friday! This week no joke has felt like the longest one EVER. I've been one day ahead in my mind so that probably doesn't help. Like is today actually Friday??? No one knows. But we are slowly getting back into the swing of things and with that, my usual FRIDAY post, the weekend update!!
^^ a little post-wedding present to myself

Before we hop into it, I wanted to talk about the schedule of events around here! I have a lot of wedding content I want to share with you guys -- like the little details that made our day so wonderful. And there was a LOT that went into it. 

But at the same time, I know its been all wedding lately and I'm sure not everyone has been enjoying it. If you haven't and you're over wedding content, I am sorry! One thing to say to that is, this is a life and style blog that changes with my life and my style. So if my wedding is taking over my life it will probably take over my content too lol. 

SO to appease everyone, we're going to be on a Monday/Wednesday wedding content (so just adding a Monday slot to the already scheduled Wednesday stuff) and Tuesday/Thursday "regular" content, with Friday's remaining as my weekend update. I have something fun planned for fall that I hope you guys will like so that should be starting soon.

ANYWAY... I hope this works for everyone (because it does for me lol). And now onto the Friday post!!


What I Bought: I placed two big orders at J. Crew and Nordstrom this week for fall and I'm very excited to get them in!! I'll share J. Crew when it's here but until then, here are my Nordstrom purchases:
-I am a SUCKER for coats so I grabbed this in red
-New Gal Meets Glam fall collection dropped and I snagged these three sweater dresses: one (my fav), two and three
-Also bought some new Eliza J dresses like this tweed shift and this striped turtleneck dress
-Another jacket #help
-A SUPER cute stripe mock neck sweater with awesome gold buttons
-A teddy/fleece sweatshirt
-Two new skirts: one plaid and the other houndstooth
-A crisp white button-down
-And a simple turtleneck sweater
NYC Life: This week I was an actual sloth and I think only truly left my apartment once for lunch with my girlfriends on Wednesday lol. I just think I needed a week to decompress and not. do. anything. And I did it. And it was great. My anxiety has all but washed away and I have no sadness/depression now that the wedding is over. It's more like relief that it's done and gratefulness that it happened. Can anyone else relate??

Favorite Finds:
-This is a beautiful and super elegant white dress
-Way expensive but a v cute trimmed blazer!
-This top would be SO CUTE for work
-Do I need a rainbow tennis bracelet??
-EEK! This jacket would be SO CUTE for fall
-A great tweed blazer

Weekend Plans: Andrew and I are heading up to his parents for the full weekend (starting today) because we're having a second (third/fourth/fifth whatever lol) party for his side of the family that couldn't make it due to weather. Thankfully they all live within 15 minutes of each other and we can basically recreate the party since we brought everything so they'll be able to celebrate officially with us. 

A Must Read: I've been enthralled with this Caroline Calloway story I just need to know more! Was I living under a rock for not knowing her until this came out? I'm trying to stay up to date and also understand why this is such a big thing but I just need to know more!!

Most Popular Item of the Week: Almost all of my sales this week were related to the Lilly Pulitzer sale that is now over so instead I looked to see what else sold and randomly it's this YSL mascara that I used religiously before finding my Marc Jacobs one! BUT the link for this should be this J. Crew Fleece vest because it's back for another season and it's the BEST vest for fall. 

Amazon Purchases: I've been buying lots of last-minute stuff from amazon lately and while not great for my wallet, awesome for you guys because I updated my shop page and made it so everything is categorized by the item instead of just a hodge-podge of items all in one place! Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think! In the meantime, here are my purchases for the week:
-A SD card reader for your phone
-A new camera for on the go
-I think I lost Andrews eye mask so I repurchased this for him
-A new shower liner
-Andrew wanted a silicone ring for when he worked out/played sports
-Last minute blue earrings for the wedding! These long ones, these I wore to the rehearsal and these I wore to our after party.

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