Weekend Update: June 21

Happy Friday friends! Today is the official first day of summer and it's National Wear Your Lilly Day AND National Stripes Day so make sure you're dressed in something! Hope you all have a great weekend.

What I bought: 
-I bought the blazer... is anyone surprised??? It was on such a good sale I couldn't pass it up (still is 40% off)
-This two piece blue and white set (under $70!!)
-A fun and different white dress (under $100)
-Today is national wear your Lilly day!! And they just re-launched some amazing old prints! I got this pink silk dress and patchwork top!

NYC Life: This week was all about playing catch up (at least the beginning of it). While traveling during the past two weeks I found my routine out of whack! So lots of emails, campaigns, content, editing, filming, ALL the things. Then the end of my week got really busy and stressful, then sad and angry. It's been a WEEK. Had some major issues with my (now former) intern out of the blue that really seemed to put a wrench at the end of my week. BUT all is resolved and now we're on to better things!

Favorite Finds:
-Tell me this is not the coolest blazer of all time. I think I like really need it lol. Totally crazy or not??
-I LOVE Mahi Gold dresses and this print just seems very me... 
-This wicker round bag is SO cute for summer
-If you're in need of some cute earrings for summer, BaubleBar is having a sale where everything is under $20!! These are my top picks.

Weekend Plans: Today, I'll be wrapping up the week and planning our shoot for Saturday. Saturday will be a workout, shooting and hopefully spending some time in the park. Sunday will probably be some more working and then dinner in Westchester! Then it starts all over again lol. 

A Must Read: Is everyone up to date on the influencer scavenger hunt that's been going on this week? The Atlantic came out with an article about how the whole thing is actually sponsored and was pitched; which kind of stinks. At first, it was this super fun thing but I do feel like this puts a damper on the mood of it all. I don't totally agree with everything they're saying (I err on the side of the influencer often lol) but they do make some good points. I'm more interested in the philosophy behind anything good happening on the internet is followed by a scandal and the mobs come out in droves. It's crazy.


Most Popular Item This Week: It's again this tank top but that's been the #1 for three weeks straight so Imma pick a #2 spot and share this blue and white dress! I found it in stock in all sizes -- this is for sure the dress of the summer!

Amazon Purchases of the Week: Only one thing!!! This little perfume bottle AirPod case -- it's so cute (and only $12!)

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