Weekend Update: April 5

A favorite photo of mine (and yours!). This will be in an upcoming Wedding Wednesday post. It's going to be epic! Until then, here is a little more about my week:

Umbrella stand / blue vase (similar) options here, here, here, here and here

What I bought:
-These jeweled sandals that are similar to the Hermes style!
-This pink gingham dress. I didn't like it.
-"Night out" white dress (it was see-through)
-This belt. It's weird and is being returned
-I bought this swimsuit last week and need to get a larger top. BUT I am in love with the print so testing out the bodysuit and the dress in the same print.

NYC Life: One week from today I will be in Mexico celebrating my bachelorette!! This week and next week is all about prep for the party. Lots of workout classes, beauty appointments, last minute shopping ... all the good stuff. Next week will be even busier but I'm so excited. It doesn't feel real that it's finally here!!

Favorite Finds:
-Karly Kloss uses this and now I will too: a heated eyelash curler
-A cute summer clutch
-You know I love blue and white anything. These Tuckernuck prints (off the shoulder and tank) are to DIE for
-An affordable and simple white summer dress

Weekend Plans: Nothing outside of the norm: working out, shooting for the blog and hanging out with Andrew! Sounds like my kind of weekend, especially since I'll be gone next weekend for my bachelorette and the weekend after for Easter!

Most Popular Item this Week: Is anyone surprised if I say these block heeled shoes are still my best-seller? I think they might take the cake for No. 1 item of the year.

Amazon Purchases of the Week:
-Fancy cotton pads lol. These are highly recommended so we'll see!
-A new order of these hats for my bachelorette. I sent off the first order to get them monogramed, but sadly they won't be done in time. I can't return them in time either soooo I had to re-order. A definite pit of the week!
-An exfoliating sponge(?) for the shower
-Pearl anklets (seen above!)
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