The Best 20 Amazon Purchases of 2018

Raise your hand if you spend too much time and money on Amazon. Keep it raised if you still love it no matter what!! Because that is me lol. I rounded up my favorite 20 items (narrowing this list down was hard!) that I bought on Amazon this past year for you and I to enjoy..

Tech Accessories:

1. Aputure mini LED light -- I got this off the recommendation from Olivia and have found it SUPER helpful when shooting in low light situations. It packs a serious punch in something the size of your palm. I'm pretty sure it's meant to be situated on top of my camera but I really just use it for an extra light source with my hands (or with Andrews since he's usually taking the photo).

2. Phone cases with straps -- (Top/Bottom) I originally got these for Disney so I would always be sure I had my phone (I've really been losing it lately!!) and ended up loving them both a lot more than I was expecting. I really just wanted the look of a trunk phone case and both fit these needs perfectly, but more importantly I really love the strap it comes with. No more franticly patting your pockets looking for your phone!


3. SunBum Zinc Oxide -- I'm sure no one is thinking about sunblock yet but when you do, remember that this stuff is the BEST. It's pure zinc oxide so it's about as healthy as you can find a sunblock and it really works well (I know because I BURNED my leg where I forgot to put it).

4. Image Skincare SPF Moisturizer -- This is nothing new here on the blog but just want to mention  it again seeing as the MOST important thing you can do to prevent wrinkles is to wear SPF every day. And the easiest way to do that is to make it apart of your moisturizer. This one (I have VERY sensitive and acne prone skin) will not clog your pores and will give you a nice a refreshed/dewy finish. And it's only $39!

5. Zero K Cooling Wipes -- I found these at my hot yoga studio and they, very simply, are mint scented cooling wipes that will refresh just about any body. These would be amazinggggg in the summer. I buy these small little 5 pack of wipes and keep them in my bag just incase!

6. $16 Ice Roller -- Ah yes yes yes my favorite ice roller!! If you don't ice roll, you need to. Read about why in this blog post, it will give you a full in-depth look into the magic of ice rolling. 

7. Acrylic Makeup Storage -- (top/bottom) I have a TON of makeup and I swear it's the hardest thing to keep organized and clean. These help. I didn't want to go spending like $80 on something from the container store so I found these and they do the trick. They are both durable and easy to move around and organize. I think I just need more of them!


8. Tovo Sphere Ice Molds -- Possibly the best $18 I've spent on Andrew this year! He LOVES these for his drinks. Not only do they look super cool, they are perfect for any drink on the rocks. It creates the ideal sphere mold that keeps your drink cold but doesn't dissolve that quickly. I'm amazed at how easy they are to use.

9. Salad Chopper and Bowl -- Another favorite of Andrew's in the kitchen, this bowl and chopper makes it SO easy to create a chop salad. And the bowl is big too! It can hold a ton of stuff and chops it all up in just a couple seconds.

10. Lemon/Lime Squeeze -- Aka the thing you never knew you needed. This is the best (although I did find out last time I used it I put it in wrong which just about changed my life). A must have for any kitchen! 

11. Glass Storage Containers -- They are on sale for $39! You get a pack of 13 and they all fit nice and neatly into one another so they are super easy to store and use. But these are awesome. They keep the food longer, they are better for the environment and are safer to use than plastic. Plus they are really well made and easy to use so it's kind of a no brainier.


12. Spine Book Stand -- Possibly the most expensive thing on this list but easily one of my top ones! I fell in love with how it looks after seeing Grace's post about it. It's such  fun and cool way to store and showcase your books. Although I find myself needing a second one, I really do love this so much!

13. Floating Shelf -- Another find by Grace, this is the perfect item for your bathroom (or wherever you may need) but it's just a floating shelf you can store things on and I have one in my shower and I love it and use it daily. 

14. Collagen Beauty Shots -- Collagen was the "big" thing this year and I found love for it in these little shot bottles from Image Skincare. I would store them in the fridge and take one every morning. I love the taste of them and I did see a slight change in the texture of my skin.

15. KT Tape -- Maybe a little boring but I could not get over how much these helped my workout when my knee was acting up. How is it that tape can help your bones and joints during a workout? If you remember during my BBG stint, the jumping and roughness on my knees was a major problem (one that probably lead me to stop completely) and this I found was my one major solve!

16. Collagen Peptides -- More collagen! These are more expensive than the full cans but they are so easy to use and bring on the go with you. Just tear one open, pour it in and you're done! Speaking of which, I need to get back into making smoothies. I loveeeeedddd my smoothies!

17. Dry Brush Set -- Another thing I need to get back into is dry brushing. It's supposed to be great for your skin and overall wellness and is something that took a major backseat in the second half of 2018.

18. Ear Buddies (for AirPods) -- Do your AirPods ever fall out when you're bopping around at the gym or during a run? These little silicone slips are super super easy to use and put on and make sure they stay in all day without falling out. Easy to lose, yes, but really great to use!


19. Plush Fleece Lined Leggings -- Fleece lined leggings, need I say more?? They are so so soft and about as warm as you'll find in a legging. They are also the MOST high waisted which I love. I've been living in these since I got them in November. 

20. ASICS Gel-Fit Yui Cross-Trainer -- Another item purchased during my knee problem era that also made a really big difference in helping me workout. Who knew a lot of popular sneakers weren't very good and supporting your joints when you workout? Thankfully I found a pair that are cute AND good for your feet!

 And so that is IT! Whew there was a lot. I love love love shopping on Amazon so this was fun for me to write about and I also hope you enjoyed it as well! Do you have a favorite item you bought on Amazon this year? Would love to know below and find some new things!
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