Vineyard Vines Holiday 2018

Get ready for a LONG post today guys. Lots of pictures and (so many!!) words, it's my favorite post each year and I have all the feels.


On Krista: Vineyard Vines: Blackwatch Bell Sleeve Top c/o / Lace Cocktail Pants c/o / Chanel: Pearl EarringsLancome: Red Lipstick / J. Crew: Red Coat / Sam Edelman: Black Pumps

On Andrew: Vineyard Vines: Saltwater Crewneck Sweater c/o / Riverbank Plaid Murray Shirt c/o / Fairway Tech Pants c/o / EccoBlack Sneakers

Ahh, my very favorite holiday tradition: our annual Vineyard Vines holiday shoot at the New York Palace hotel. This is the five year anniversary! Isn't that crazy? Time seems to fly by, but I love that we're able to look back each year and relive every shoot. I hope we never let this tradition go, even if we move out of the city. 

This year, I changed things up. I'm wearing PANTS! Funny fact is that this was the warmest shoot we've done to date and yet also the one where I had the most coverage. Go figure. I felt like changing it up because I've always (and I mean for the past four years) worn a skirt. I thought, "Why not try something new?" As I was linking these black lace pants, I found these plaid ones which I totally wish they had when I was in store because I love them! 

Don't get me wrong, I still love my lace pants, but the plaid ones are much more "me" and would have been fun to wear. This is also the first year Andrew and I are somewhat coordinated in our green. It's almost as if every year he tries to purposely not match me (rude), but this year I took his lead with the green and plaid. I think it turned out pretty great!

We were able to shoot super last minute with Allie (btw, how amazing are these photos?!) at 8am at the Palace. It had just rained the night before so it turned out to be a little wet. But I think it looks really cool when the puddles catch the refection off the tree. If you ever try to shoot at the Palace, get there no later than 8am. By 9am the courtyard was already starting to fill up with tourists. 

I posted a sneak peek/preview yesterday on Instagram and someone mentioned that it looked like grown up versions of ourselves ... and I think I have to agree. Andrew and I have changed a lot from last year. I think the most noticeable change is the fact that we're engaged! It's fun to think that when we do this shoot next year we'll be married. 

I don't really bring up our relationship a lot because it's something that I chose to keep (for the most part) private. But, man, do I love this man. He means the world to me and I cannot believe that we are starting to plan the rest of our lives together. 

I'm a complicated person with a lot of layers and there are very few people who understand me like Andrew does. I'm so grateful for him. We take care of each other in our own ways and I think our love goes so deep words cannot do it justice. We have a lot of fun together and are constantly laughing and being silly, which I love because Andrew isn't like that to the rest of the world. 

I believe we truly bring out the best in each other and I'm so excited for our life together. We've been there for each other through some sad times this year and I think each day only brings us closer than the last. I wish the same respect and love we have for each other upon every person reading this. It's life changing and all consuming. I love him very much and I don't tell readers this often but I wanted you all to know. 

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Photos of Andrew and I by Allie at prêt-à-provost


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