Items I've Worn Now On Sale

Just a quick little post to share some items you have asked about that are now (and still) on sale!
Top (25% off)/ Bottoms (50% off) / Earrings (25% off)

Family PJs (40% off)

Earrings (35% off)/ Sweater (50% off)

Sweater (40% off)

Jacket (50% off) / Fleece Lined Leggings (25% off)

Vest (50% off)/ Sweater (50% off)/ Pants (50% off)
Work Pants (50% off)

Bow Skirt (50% off)

Jacket (50% off) / Work Pants (40% off)
Also, if you find yourself looking for work pants, check out this ultimate review I did earlier this year. It has all my favorites and ALL of them are currently on sale!!
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