2018 Gift Guide: For the Guys

We're back with another fun gift guide -- for the guys! Some always say they are the hardest to shop for but honestly, I think they are some of the easiest. Guys really never get themselves anything fun or exciting so this is the chance to change that. 

The main thing when finding presents is get something based off what their interests and hobbies are. So I asked you all on Instagram what the guys in your life like and based this guide off of that. Hopefully this is helpful!!

ONE // Custom Corn hole Board -- I got this for my BIL last Christmas and they were a BIG hit. They are so well made and have just about any college team you could want. Perfect for the guy who loves the outdoors, playing games and his alma mater. I mean how awesome is it! It's the basketball court on a corn hole set!

TWO // Squatty Potty -- I gave my entire family a squatty potty two years ago for Christmas and they all still use it to this day. Kind of a gag gift but one that is actually really useful for the everyday. We have one in our apartment and truly love it. 

THREE // Coravin Wine Saver -- I got this for my sister last year but it's a great idea for any wine lovers out there! It pierces a hole in the cork to let the wine out but not let any air in so it can save and preserve your wine if you're not drinking the whole bottle in one sitting. 

FOUR // Travel Espresso Maker -- More random on the list but Andrew said it was a pretty good idea and a fun gadget and guys love gadgets. This makes an espresso on the go and tbh probably a great gift for dads. 

FIVE // Phone + Watch Charger -- This gift rests on the fact that he has an apple watch. If he doesn't, you should get him one! Every guy in my life has an apple watch and loves it. This is the most ideal (and really quick) charger for anyone who has an iPhone and Apple Watch. It charges it all at once and what makes this different (and more expensive) is that it comes with the cord/charger as part of it. A lot of systems its BYOC (bring your own cord) and pretty cheaply made.

SIX // Kindle -- I got this for Andrews dad last year and he uses it all the time. For anyone who likes to read, a Kindle is a great and really easy gift to give. It's so easy to use and take with you wherever you are. 

SEVEN // Barbour Jacket -- More of a splurge item but for those dads who love the outdoors/fishing/hunting a Barbour jacket is a staple. It's such a great gift because it's something that they will have for all the years to come. 

EIGHT // Mission Belt -- This was a suggestion from a coworker and he swears by it. It looks like a regular belt but what it does (this was a shark tank idea btw) is instead of having the three holes -- that might not always fit -- every notch in the side is a "hole" and so the belt is completely customizable to your size. I know personally I change sizes throughout the day or even when I'm just sitting. It's a pretty great idea and one that is under $50 so there is no reason to say no. 

NINE // Custom Golf Set -- I had SO many golf dads out there. They are the easiest to shop for, I promise you! This personalized golf set is a really cute and thoughtful gift for any golf lover out there. Get their name on the balls, the wood box (that they can keep forever!) and the pegs. A personal and inexpensive way to find the perfect gift. 

TEN // AirPods + Airbuddies -- Andrew and I aren't doing gifts this year but if we were, I would buy him AirPods. I got them last year for Christmas and they are the BEST. I use them all the time and always have them in my pocket. They are so easy to use and seriously come with me everywhere I go. I also purchased Airbuddies -- which are little silicone slips that go over the pods that help them stay in your ear when workingout/running. A great little stocking stuffer or add on item that any AirPods owner will use. 

ELEVEN // Ice Molds -- I randomly got these off Amazon after Andrew mentioned he wanted some for our registry. They were so cheap I just bought them right away haha. But he uses these ALL the time. They are actually really great for just about any glass of alcohol. It's just an ice mold that you fill up and when ready, comes out as a solid ice circle. I think mainly this is a great gift as an add on for the person who you have no idea what to get. This and a bottle of something they like is the perfect easy gift. 

TWELVE // Golf Towel -- Another golf dad gift, tbh this would be great for fathers day as well -- but just the overall idea that you can get him a golf towel monogramed with something cute or with his name/initials. I think he'll love it!

THIRTEEN // Bean Boots -- This is a great gift for just about every dad, especially those who like to work outside, hike, fish, hunt, garden, brew beer -- you name it! Bean boots are so versatile and are obviously great in the winter and rain but also great for a lot of other occasions and times. Andrews dad has a pair (so does Andrew) and they both seem to really enjoy them because they wear them all the time!

FOURTEEN // Beer Growler + Tap -- I leaned on Andrew for this one but he said this is great for any beer lover. It's awesome to go to a local brewery or a store with beer on tap and fill up a personal growler. Even more great if it has it's own tap so you can pour yourself a glass whenever you want. I like it even more because you can personalize it -- it just gives it an extra touch of something special.

FIFTEEN // Golf Swing Analyzer -- The final gift for my golf dads out there -- get him a swing analyzer. They also have these for tennis and baseball but it's just a gadget that you wear on your had when you're hitting and it will help tell you what you're doing well and what you can fix. It's a great gift for the tech dad but also (obviously) for the guy who loves to golf!

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