White Jeans for Fall

I have to admit that I've worn this outfit way too many times so far this season... but when it works, it works -- you know?


Ralph Lauren: Custom Fit Denim Shirt / J. Crew: Fleece Excursion Vest / AG: White Jeans Gucci: Pricetown Loafer Mule Ralph Lauren: Rickey Bag (similar; cheaper options here) / Ray-Ban: Wayfarer Sunglasses / BaubleBar: Mini Amariella Flower Stud Resin Earrings BaubleBar: Mini Monogam Necklace Cartier: Tank Francaise Watch Tiffany: Pearl Bracelet DiamondNexus: Tennis Bracelet c/o

I actually have a pretty embarrassing story about this exact outfit. Last time we were in Nantucket I wore this traveling to the island. It was a cooler day but not super cold by any means but it was in New York. So I'm wearing this, we go to fog island for breakfast and have this really sweet server. She compliments my vest.

Fast forward to the next day it's colder that it was the day before. I managed with another outfit during the day but at night for dinner I had nothing else warm to wear. So I put on this exact outfit again thinking no one would be the wiser. We go to dinner at Keepers and are greeted by the same girl from Fog Island who recognizes my vest again. Then Andrew made a comment "yea it's the exact outfit as yesterday" -_____- and she laughs.  

LITTLE DID WE KNOW that we actually have been talking and emailing with her this whole time and it was the person we were meeting after dinner. So now this girl that I'm working with probably thinks I'm a total slob wearing the same thing two days in a row. But like it's a really cute outfit! What else am I supposed to do?? I blame Andrew lol. 

So that's my story. It's probably pretty dumb to most people but it has forever been engrained in my mind. So to say that I've worn this outfit out for fall already is an understatement! 


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