Weekend Update: October 26th

Happy Friday friends! Been a short but very long week so lets just hop on into it...

--Feather trimmed navy top (talked about in yesterdays blog post)
-Sequins mini dress, which I do not need but like an awful lot
-A SUPER cute and affordable knit beanie
-The prettiest white button cable knit sweater
-A new fall wool hat
-I LOVE THIS DRESS!!! But it only has select sizes from Nordstrom; but you can find more here!! TTS and I'm wearing a M -- you can see more on my "try on" highlights on IG. 

Weekend Plans: We are off to Nantucket today! For those keeping score at home, this is the weekend we rescheduled our last trip. It's one of our last free weekends that worked for everyone so we decided to go. Today should be great weather but tomorrow we might be stuck inside all day lol. Which is fine!! because this will be the house we're staying in for the wedding so we'll need to do some planning. It will also be our first test driving up there and seeing how long 5 hours really is lol.

NYC Life: It was another short week due to a family thing that arose Monday/Tuesday so I was home with Andrew. Wednesday I took my first workout class in 2 weeks(!!!) at 305 with Sofie and it kicked my butt lol. Thursday we made our way up to Westchester and now we're off to ACK. Just been a very off schedule past two weeks (I was really sick last week) and hoping that next week I can get back into the swing of things. 

Favorite Finds:
-This really cute feather trimmed sweater
-The perfect plaid blazer for fall and many seasons to come
-I think a really cute black velvet dress with a white collar and cuffs -- I have a weakness for dresses like this!

A Must Watch: A coworker sent me this video after we had been talking about the subject some. But it was a rather interesting take on things: "Millennials in the Workplace"

Song of the Week: Workout by Chance the Rapper

Most Popular Item This Week: This one took me by surprise but you guys LOVED this dress from my IG stories!!

Amazon Purchases of the Week: Kind of went a little crazy with Amazon this week. I haven't been shopping much and had a GC balance that was just begging me to check out. So I did and I did it hard lol.

--I am dressing up with a friend for Halloween (never too old guys) and got this headband, this bow hair clip (deciding on which one I'll wear and praying that I love them for other times too) and this bow tie. Any guesses as to who I'll be??

-Hourglass ambient light palette and this strobe lighting powder to test out in next weeks tutorial 

-Two new SD cards for the blog shoots -- I'm realizing mine are starting to fall apart! I had one where the lock switch on it fell out and now it's forever locked... which is not ideal.

- I don't really talk about it much and maybe it's a post for another day but I deal with anxiety and have had some really serious attacks recently and I want to figure out what triggers it. I think it has something to do with my senses but I'm trying to figure out what and why. After a lot of googling I found this book and am hoping to read more into it to see if it can help lead me on the correct path.

-This is officially off our wedding registry and it's something that we have come to really need: a salad spinner! Kind of random but really excited to get this in lol.

-A new foundation brush from La Mer because I guess I'm bad and boujee like that now. You think you know someone until they buy a Tom Ford brush and get all uppity about the bristles!! 

-I changed over my closet this past weekend and brought out my favorite sweaters, one of which I LOVE and is so gosh darn warm I sweat in it more than any other item I have in my closet. I wore it to work and posted it on my IG stories and had a reader reach out and ask where its from and sadly it's like a year old and long gone. 
Then I started thinking about it more because I like love this sweater and I was hoping it was secretly back in stock. So I started googling and guess where I found it.. Amazon!! Even better I found it in black (I currently have the white) and in my size so I bought it and it comes in this weekend. 
The black has all sizes in stock and the white has S, M and L in stock. Honestly I would 10000% recommend, it runs TTS and you can see it HERE featured on the blog.

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