Weekend Update: August 31

It's been longer than a MONTH since my last weekend update. I'm sorry! Not too much happening but still should be a fun update!

-A beautiful cocktail dress (that I got in navy and white to see what I like better lol)
-Sweater weather for fall
-A VERY different sandal that I'm seeing if would be cute with a wedding look
-The most amazing satin silk dress 
-Another cami to add to the collection

Weekend Plans:
Andrew and I are here for the long weekend! We have a lot of travel in September so we're just keeping it calm for now. Today I have a massage and I'm hoping to go see a movie. Tomorrow we are going to the Lilly store and shooting some blog looks. Sunday we'll celebrate LDW at his parents and Monday I have a new workout class with Sofie!

A Must Watch: I've been loving a few things recently:
-To All The Boys I Ever Loved (on Netflix) -- its so painfully cute
-Secession -- (on HBO) I totally binged the season and am now hooked on every character
-The Secret Life of Jeffree Star (on YouTube) -- Shane Dawson did a great series and I found it SO fascinating!!

Amazon Purchases Of the Week:
-Repurchased my favorite bra since it was on major sale
-Updated my Amazon Shop with EVERYTHING I've bought 
Also did an amazon wardrobe box with these items:

Wedding Update: We have booked our photographer and cinematographer! I also have my wedding shoes. by rehearsal dress and my reception dress picked out. We'll be on island next week to check out more wedding stuff!

Fitness Update: I am LOVING ClassPass (if you use this link you'll get $40 off your first month!) and have been doing ~3 classes of barre a week, switching between Barre3 (which is my favorite) and Exhale with my friends. Sunday we are trying a new (to me place) and we're also looking into booking a TrampoLEAN class soon too!

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