5 Things I'm Currently Loving

Just wanted to share some things that I've been loving in the past month. They usually wouldn't make the blog but are totally consuming my life hahah! 

1. ClassPass: A friend recently turned me on to it and I'm totally hooked. It's basically a membership to all the workout classes in the city (I'm sure it's also outside of NYC as well). By purchasing, you pay a smaller monthly fee than going class-by-class at the studio. So far I've done two different kinds of barre classes and have another coming up on Monday! They literally have everything under the sun in terms of classes and it's totally worth a try!

A friend referred me and we both got $40 off, so I wanted to do the same for you guys! Click HERE if you're interested. You can try it out for the first month for just $5 which is a total deal. Just be weary that you'll be hooked! Memberships are based around points and points book you classes. It's a pretty cool system. Memberships start at $45 and go up to $160, which with THIS CODE, can get you $5 to $120 in membership fees. You'll thank me later!

2. Rent the Runway Unlimited: I have another code for you guys! I've turned a couple of friends on to RTR Unlimited and it's seriously the best. I use it during the week for work, but have found myself also returning right before the weekend so I can get some cute things to wear  traveling or to parties. 

If you want to sign up, use code KROBERTSOPERK40 which gets you 40% off your first month of membership. I *think* that makes it around $100 for the month. That means it's about the same price as a 4-day dress rental, but instead you get unlimited items for the month.

3. J. Crew Factory Shoes: I cannot say enough amazing things about these shoes. They are far and away the most comfortable shoes I own and I find myself wearing them 5-6 times a week! I would wear them more but I don't want people do judge me! I've never in my life had more comfortable heels. They are so low and the heel is thick enough that they don't give you any kind of pain when walking around. I wear them ALL over the city and joke with my friends that they are my walking heels.

They're currently on sale and also have a few black options available. I just repurchased my nude pair and picked up a black pair and I'm PUMPED. These are one of those items that I'll be wearing years from now and you'll find yourself regretting the fact that you didn't pick them up when you had the chance! They run TTS, I wear an 8.

4. Etsy: You can find everything on Etsy. I am convinced. I've been looking for things for the wedding and every. single. thing. is on Etsy. It's amazing! I'm finding designers, flowers, decor, gifts, jewelry, napkin ring holders -- everything! I now understand and completely get the obsession with Etsy. I'm on board!

5. Zola: I'm having a blast with Zola! They are making the wedding registry process SO easy and addicting. Andrew will freak out if I add one more thing to our list without him knowing, but it is so fun! When I get bored I'll wander around the site looking for something fun, and then of course stumble across something, and -- whoops -- it's on the list :) The interface is honestly perfect and I'm obsessed. 

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