What to Eat In A Day (During the Work Week)

What to Eat In A Day (During the Work Week) featured by popular New York lifestyle blogger, Covering the Bases

This post may come as a little random to some (like myself) but I can't tell you the influx of questions I've gotten about what to eat in a day. So here we are!

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Breakfast: I usually always (like 99.9% of the time) eat breakfast at work. That could be anything from an everything bagel toasted with creme cheese, a sausage egg and cheese sandwich from Starbucks, a sausage breakfast burrito, cereal or yogurt. 

It really depends on the day, what kind of money I have on me (the burrito place is cash only!) and what office I'm at (Chelsea has all of this, Park has just the cereal because there is free milk!!). I usually eat breakfast around 9:30/10am and it holds me pretty far into my day. For some reason this week I haven't been eating breakfast at all and it's kind of been throwing me off and I find myself STARVING come lunch so I'm trying to kick that habit!

Lunch: Depending on my breakfast time I usually eat lunch around 1/1:30pm. I'm so lucky (my wallet is not) that I work above basically a food hall and next to ALL of the food places in Chelsea/Meatpacking so lunch is mine for the choosing. My regulars are: 
  • Sweetgreen: kale cesar with edits; apples instead of tomatoes, goat cheese instead of parmesan, add an egg, skip the part crisps, add chicken, squeeze of lime and medium balsamic vinaigrette, no bread. 
  • Wisefish Poke: medium bowl, white rice, ahi tuna, cucumbers, herb mix, edamame, wise fish sauce, wasabi avocado cream and avocado.
  • The Lobster Place: medium new england clam chowder, two bags of oyster crackers and a bag of potato chips
  • Takumi Taco: rice bowl with chicken adobo, no beans, no cabbage slaw and add an avocado. 
  • LPQ: avocado toast with lox on top
  • The Grey Dog: between the sour apple and brie sandwich or the seared tuna steak salad
Other (on rare occasions) would be: Potbelly's, Chick Fil A, Dos Toros, Westville, Ramen... and probably other things I am forgetting!

Snack: This is probably the worst part of my day: when I'm at work and I need to snack. I get seriously hungry for something -- anything!! and find myself looking every which way for a quick bite. Up until about a week ago I would craveeeeee sweets -- any kind of candy really! But I actually decided to cut out sugars and I am officially one week in.

I wouldn't really eat candy/chocolate that much but I am now making a conscious effort to not eat it. I've turned down like 15 cupcakes since then and have made quite the change to stuff I wasn't thinking about before: lemonade, smoothies, cereal, peanut butter -- just random everyday stuff that I'm like hell nah to now!

I'm actually am in the midst of trying to find good snacks to have in my desk now since almost everything I want is now off limits. I picked up some granola and some nuts but PLEASE leave me some suggestions for low sugar bars/snacks/items I can eat during work to tide me over until dinner. Looking for about 5g of sugar or less per serving! 

Dinner: I will admit I am a little spoiled here because Andrew usually cooks our dinner and he eats healthy so therefore I eat healthy. We mainly have chicken (baked, grilled, coated.. you name it) and some kind of side -- like rice, couscous, mac and cheese (if I'm lucky!!) with it. He also makes a lot of vegetables like cucumber salad, tomato and mozzarella, asparagus, corn -- stuff like that when we're feeling crazy.

If we're not eating chicken, it will be leftovers from his parents which would be like red meat or a pasta dish. Other dinners Andrew has made has been lettuce wraps, wings, cauliflower pizza, turkey burgers, turkey meatballs and salad (which I do not eat lol). 

After Dinner Snack: We eat dinner around 7:30 so when like 9:30/10pm rolls around and we're watching TV I get a little hungry (whoops!). My usual go to snack is either feta chunks or gold fish. Weird combo but here we are. 

And that's it for my normal week! On the weekends I either don't eat at all or I eat throughout the entire day --- it just depends on who I'm around with. Looking at the above I'm actually pretty happy with what I laid out, TBH I thought I ate a lot worse but this isn't really that bad!

If you have any helpful tips or advice on what to eat in a day, LMK down below! Hope you enjoyed!! 

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