Weekend Update: March 16

Anyone else stay up super late watching the games last night?!?! My kitties won (whew) and I'm not doing too bad in my bracket so far! Hope everyone has a great weekend. 
Shopping What I would buy if I were shopping:
-New straw beach hat (with a navy/white ribbon!) for $40
-The perfect navy work dress

Reading: I'm just about to start The Thing About Jellyfish by Ali Benjamin 

NYC Life: Andrew and I saw Black Panther last weekend using our Movie Pass (love it btw) and thought it was soooo cool. It was such a great movie! At work we announced our first ever MLB FoodFest and sold out tickets within the first two days (!!!!). I'm so happy. The event is going to be amazing. Then of course the tournament started yesterday and it's honestly my favorite time of year. These two days are the BEST in sports. I live for it! Go UK!!

Weekend Plans: Oh man ALL of the college basketball! This is the best time of the year, kids! More boring stuff ... cleaning the apartment, shooting for the blog, editing more videos...

Throwback Post: My favorite hydrangea print dress (almost a year ago!)

Most Popular Item of the Week: Once. again. (by far and away) this lace dress!! If you don't already own it, I promise you will LOVE it.

Favorite Finds:
-A simple blue/white skirt (at an affordable price)
-Another white dress to make you swoon

Favorite Blogger Post of the Week:

A Must Watch: Our trip to Vegas!

A Must Read: The Ringer has been publishing some amazing articles on the Kentucky Basketball program that I think are must reads. I, of course, am biased but still -- they are really great reads!

Amazon Purchase of the Week: This technically isn't shopping (lol) only because it's inclusive of how I work with Amazon but did find some things that I'm vvvv excited about:
-The best hand cream ever
-Andrew and I got a new Roku for the apartment
-Bought more collagen shot supplements 
-And this is weird but I bought a bunch of white gloves to sleep in. My hands have been acting up again so I'm sleeping with Vaseline and gloves. Only two days in and my hands are SO SMOOTH.

Fitness Update: There will be a full BBG review on the blog next week so keep an eye out for it! I've also been posting some updates on my IG stories and archived them in my BBG/Workout highlights!
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