BBG Workout Week 12 Review + Progress Photos

BBG Workout Week 12 Review + Progress Photos by popular New York blogger Covering the Bases

Before we start I want to share a couple of things: I didn't truly buy into the process of BBG workout until about Week 4 so I don't have images to compare from Day 1. I have images starting at Week 4. By then I feel (and Andrew agrees) that I had already lost some weight -- or at least you could tell a noticeable difference. 

Since we started during the winter, I don't really have great photos for comparison purposes. Instead, here are some blog photos to show you where I was before I started BBG workout:

BBG Workout Week 12 Review + Progress Photos by popular New York blogger Covering the Bases
BBG Workout Week 12 Review + Progress Photos by popular New York blogger Covering the Bases
BBG Workout Week 12 Review + Progress Photos by popular New York blogger Covering the Bases
BBG Workout Week 12 Review + Progress Photos by popular New York blogger Covering the Bases

Week 4 // Week 12 BBG Workout Comparison Photos (without doing any cardio workouts):

BBG Workout Week 12 Review + Progress Photos by popular New York blogger Covering the Bases
BBG Workout Week 12 Review + Progress Photos by popular New York blogger Covering the Bases
BBG Workout Week 12 Review + Progress Photos by popular New York blogger Covering the Bases
BBG Workout Week 12 Review + Progress Photos by popular New York blogger Covering the Bases
BBG Workout Week 12 Review + Progress Photos by popular New York blogger Covering the Bases

Ok, first off it's scary as shit to post these photos. It's terrifying because I don't want people to look at my progress and minimize it. I see and feel a big difference in my body and I'm really happy where I am today. 

It also shows off EVERYTHING. Like there is no part for me to hide; especially my back. That's something that I'm relatively self-conscious about but also something I have little to no control over. Fun fact: I have a mild case of scoliosis and that roll on my right side is partly because of that. I've had it my whole life and it will continue to be there no matter how much weight I gain or lose. Now the one on the other side is all me, but I like to blame the tight bra.

If you haven't already, I highly suggest you read these related blog posts because I get asked questions that are already answered below ALL THE TIME:

BBG Workout Week 12 Review: 

I have finished the BBG workout 1.0 program! It took about 16 weeks to complete but I feel good! I'm happy with my progress and I want to keep it up. I feel stronger, I think I look a lot leaner, and -- honestly -- I'm just happy I made it through.

I don't love working out. I just don't know if I'll become one of those people. But I like that so many of you are picking it up and saying I help motivate you when really you help motivate ME! Updating you guys every week helps hold me accountable and I want to really have some great progress to show.

I still really like the workouts, but like I've said before, they are not for the faint of heart. They are hard and really push you to exhaustion. I'm on Week 1 this week (starting over, more on that below) and it's HARD. Like so hard. And it never gets easy. But you get stronger every day.

Here are two things I don't like about the program: how hard it is on your joints and how it doesn't target all your muscle groups. The constant jumping throughout the weeks can be really hard and did lead me to an injury (more below) but knowing what I know now, and having gone through it, I made sure to listen to my body and modify when I needed to.

As for the muscle groups, we don't really target the back of the body much (lats, hamstrings, etc.). We really focus on the main muscles but would love to have more targeted workouts that help with that. There might be more in her 2.0 program or the BBG stronger but I haven't gotten there yet!

Cardio Workouts: In the BBG guide you're supposed to incorporate cardio workouts into your weekly schedule. For the first six weeks you are supposed to do one round of LISS (low intensity training -- like walking) for 30-35 minutes. For the last six weeks you're supposed to do the round of LISS but also add two rounds of HIIT (high intensity intervals -- like sprints).

But I didn't incorporate any rounds of cardio into my 12 weeks of BBG outside of my normal walking around NYC (~7-10,000 steps a day). I simply didn't have time. Trying to balance work, the blog, a social life, a relationship AND workout is hard enough. I wasn't ready to add another aspect to all of that.

But my plan (more on that below) is to incorporate cardio into my next round of BBG!

My Knee Issues: About halfway through, I developed a knee problem and it hurt most days even when walking. It got to be so bad that I couldn't do a lot of the leg workouts and needed to modify my workouts (and sit a week out) for two weeks after. After talking to a bunch of people I was able to try a lot of new things and this is what helped me get past it (and have zero pain today!)

  • Change of shoes: I was working out in my Nikes but switched over to Asics because they have better support
  • Addition of Mats: We workout in the studio of our gym and they have somewhat supportive flooring. For added support, I would do most of my leg exercises on a mat for extra cushion.
  • KT Tape: I started using KT tape and this helped a lot for when I was injured. They have videos of how to use and apply properly on their site (here is one for knee support) and found that I had zero discomfort when working out. Amazing how tape can help!!
  • Stretching: To be honest I was really bad about stretching before or after workouts. I know how important it is because that has been instilled in my head for years. I was just rushing through. I would do a quick warm up, workout and then head back to the apartment. That took its toll on me! You need to stretch before and after workouts. 
  • Foam Rolling: Going hand-in-hand with the above, foam rolling is one of the best things you can do for a recovering body. 
    • (Kayla has stretches and foam rolling guides in her app which we talk about below!)
  • Glucosamine: My dad recommended this to me and is something that I also think has really helped not just with my knee, but my whole body. Glucosamine helps stimulate cells to build joint cartilage. My dad says he takes one everyday and while you don't know him, he's in great shape and has never had a major injury even though he works out more than anyone I know!

The Sweat App: For 10 weeks of the program I used the PDF guide that I had from a couple of years ago. Once I decided that I wanted to continue my BBG workout after the 12th week, I wanted to test out the Sweat App. I bought the year subscription (50% off compared to the monthly -- it's ~$120 total) and LOVE it. It pairs with my watch, it has EVERYTHING I would need and it is so much easier than the printed out guide. I'm sad I went so long without it.

My Diet: I don't really believe in diets but have nothing against them. I started this to be healthy and add muscle but not to lose weight so I didn't follow a diet. I DID however happen to give up red meat and pork in November and only eat it on occasion (about once every two weeks) and in very small moderation. Also for Lent I gave up chocolate and candy. Those are both by chance and not because of BBG.

As for drinking, I've maybe had a total for five drinks in the past 12 weeks. I'm not a big drinker but also don't restrict myself because of BBG. I just don't really choose to drink on my own.

BBG Workout Reader Q&A:

Q: How much weight have you lost?
A: I have no idea. I don't weigh myself (I've been a consistent 150 since college). Also it makes me a little sad that this is the #1 asked question. I don't believe BBG is about losing weight, it's about being healthy and being toned. Muscle weighs more than fat and the scale is just a number. 

Q: How much equipment did you have to buy?
A: I work out in a gym so I didn't need to buy anything. The things you need if you do the workout at home if you do the full 12 weeks are: weights (I use two 8lbs), jump rope, two flat benches and a Bosu ball. I also recommend getting a foam roller and a mat.

Q: What order do you do the BBG resistance workouts? 
A: She has them ordered week 1-12 and I do them listed from top to bottom. So legs, arms, abs and full body.

Q: Is it hard to motivate yourself to do a full workout at home and not half ass it? 
A: You just have to hold yourself accountable. If you want to make a change then you have to trust yourself to get through it and just do it. I also found that the app is really helpful in keeping you motivated!

Q: How did you order it (app?) - I remember you saying once you had a pdf, but totally could have mis-remembered! 
A: You can get the app in the app store or the PDF through her site!

Q: Did you use the pdf or the app? 
A: I used the PDF for the first 10 weeks and once I realized I was committed to the work out, I bought a year subscription to the app.

Q: Where did you notice the most change in your body? 
A: I noticed it most in my legs and my face. My legs are much more toned and my face has really thinned out.

Q: Do you think it’s really worth doing it (are the results as good as most people make them out to be)?
A: It's a VERY hard workout, I will not lie about that. But I think the pros outweigh the cons. I like what it is doing to my body!

Q: What kind of workouts are you planning on doing moving forward? Trying new things or repeating bbg?
A: I plan on starting BBG (round 1) over again. I want to do it again with cardio and also I don't feel strong enough yet to move on to the next round (weeks 13-24).

Q: How strict were you if you didn’t do a full week- did you repeat the week or keep going?
A: I would pick up where I left off but always tried to finish within the week or if it carried over, I'd finish the next week within that week.

Q: Did you do the pre-training beforehand or just jump right in?
A: I just jumped right in but I recommend the pre-training to people who are new to working out or to those who are unsure if they are ready to commit to the cost of BBG.

Q: How did you incorporate any of your already-existing workout routines? How active were you prior to starting BBG?
A: I didn't work out before BBG. I would swim here and there (like very seldomly) but never did anything else

Q: I have just finished four weeks of beginner and now am onto Week 1 but find that I am modifying push-ups still by going on my knees. Did you have to modify throughout the 12 weeks? If so, what we're some modifications that you used? 
A: I modified whenever I didn't think it was safe for me not to. If I'm feeling weak I won't risk jumping on a high bench, I would lower the slats for my own safety. I also modified my push ups for about the first six weeks until I felt strong enough to do regular ones as part of the routine.

The thing about BBG workout is that it's meant to push you to be stronger but never meant to push you to injury. Listen to your body and what you think it can handle.

Q: How would you say it shapes your legs? 
A: You tell me from the above! I think it has helped toned them for sure and made them leaner.

Q: What advice would you give for just going for it and starting again? 
A: Just do it! Week 1 is the hardest week mentally but think about how good you'll feel once you've done it.

Q: Any remedies for the extreme soreness that comes with the program?
A: Stretching before and after workouts, foam rolling the next day (like a full 30 minutes of foam rolling), epsom salt baths and bananas! Those are my tricks.


And that's it! You can follow me on IG and check out my "workout/BBG" highlight and follow along with my process. If you have any other questions feel free to leave them below or message me.
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