Weekend Update: February 9

Happy Friday! We are heading to work for a few hours then flying off to visit my sister and the new baby! Really excited for this weekend (been waiting on it for foreverrrr). P.S. I'm in love with my fuzzy sweater (pictured above). Last I checked it was on sale for under $30!

-Gingham midi dress, yes and yes
-Short trench coat -- I'm in love

NYC Life: Andrew and I used Moviepass for the first time this week! It was a really cool experience and just going one time already paid for itself (and saved us each $8!). The movie we saw however ... The Shape of Water. We had NO idea what it was about going in but heard it was up for a lot of noms. Omg. I did not like it. Too weird for me!

Weekend Plans: I am off to Atlanta to visit my sister and meet my new nephew! I'm so excited to see my sister, mom, and the whole pham! My dad will come down too so it's really a family weekend. So, so, so excited. 

Most Popular Item This Week: This wrap dress is still far and away my #1 item (for the second week in a row!) Over 60 people have bought it this week!!

Throwback Post: My skincare story + current routine. I've been getting so many questions recently about my routine. It's the same as when I wrote this post!

Favorite Finds:
-Add this gown to the "when I'm rich" wishlist

Favorite Blogger Post of the Week:
-Loved this casual look on Katey. She can pull anything off!
-V jealous of Caitlin's trip to Aruba right now. I neeeeeed the sun like woah.
-Carly wrote more amazing blogging tips that everyone should read!

**P.S. I would love to feature some of you guys -- the ones reading this post (who also have blogs) -- each week, so if you want to be considered, leave me your favorite post from this week in the comments below and I'll pick my favorite ones!**

Song of the Week: "Little Bit" by Timeflies

A Must Read: I wrote a personal post over on Grace's blog that you should read!

A Must Watch: (shameless plug) This AMAZING OMG OUT OF THIS WORLD Tarte Shape Tape Foundation Review!

Fitness Update: We started Week 9 and it is TOUGH. The moves are really intense. My knees are better but not fully 100%. I did a stretch session at Massage Envy that I really liked so I'm going to try and keep up with that twice a month and see if it helps! My dad also suggested adding these to my daily routine. He says they have saved his joints!

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