Weekend Update: February 2

Happy Febuary February! I'm excited for another fun month ahead even though I hateeeee spelling out F-e-b-R-u-a-r-y. It's Andrew's birthday month, I get to meet my new nephew, work starts to pick up and THIS IS US is going to share everything with us finally! Big month guys. Big month. 

-A great work skirt
-My favorite basic shirt (and it's on sale!)

NYC Life: I've been awfully boring this week outside of work -- I mean I won't even go to get my nails done! There are a lot of moving parts still happening with my new role so I think that's been taking up most of my energy and then of course coming home and blogging takes up my free time. I wish I had something cooler to share, I'm sorry!

Weekend Plans: Hopefully tonight I can watch another Oscar nom (I have a long list to get through). Tomorrow I'll be filming some for my YouTube channel, coming up with ideas and content for this month and visiting Chelsea Piers and the new Playtex sport vending machine (more on that soon). Then Sunday of course we are shooting and then watching the super bowl AND THEN THIS IS US!!!! OMG so excited and nervous and sad already. 

Most Popular Item This Week: This wrap dress like w-o-a-h! I think I might snag it in black too!

Throwback Post: What I Wore to Work: October -- I need to bring this series back!

Favorite Finds:
-Mirrored cat eye sunglasses at a good price!
-Another workout tank (that is super breathable)

Favorite Blogger Posts of the Week:
-Guest posted on Roxy's blog with my Exuma guide!
-Great post on how to get physically and mentally fit in 2018

**PS I would love to feature some you guys -- the ones reading this post -- (who also have blogs) each week, so if you want to be considered for next week, leave me your favorite post from this week and I'll pick my favorite ones!**

Song of the Week: Stirfry (or Narcos) by Migos from their new album -- both awesome songs to work out to.

A Must Read: Terminally ill kids give insight into what makes a meaningful life -- this is sure to give you some perspective! 

A Must Watch: Watch this video and just TRY not to cry. Love Ellen!

Amazon Purchases of the Week: You can check them all out HERE! I always update this page after I shop!

Fitness: I've been having some knee trouble this week when working out that has caused me to either modify or skip my normal workouts. It's been really hard because while I still don't like to workout (or crave it) I don't want to digress on my progress so far. I'm happy with the results I've beens seeing and want to keep it up but don't want to hurt myself. So I've invested in some new things (all from amazon, you can see them here) to help. 

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