What I Got For Christmas 2017

I must have been extra good this year because I was sure spoiled! Sorry this post is a little late but hope you enjoy!  

From Andrew: 

-Monogram Pinky Ring -- The best! I love this ring so so much and I'm so excited to finally have a pinky ring! 
-Custom Neon Sign -- Like a year ago I talked about how I wanted a neon sign for above my desk but didn't know what I wanted it to say. Andrew made one for me that is PERFECT and was truly such a surprise gift that I love. 
-Chromecast -- We're thinking about switching over to YouTubeTV and for that you need a chromecast. Was SO excited to get this but we set it up yesterday and realized that it's literally just streaming your phone to your TV which we did not like. We want an interface that is it's own -- not something you need your phone for. 
-Travel Playing Cards -- We love playing cards and these are made superficially for the airplane (they're thinner) and I love them. 
-Pocket Knife -- I'm always opening boxes with kitchen knifes or my keys (he always roll his eyes when I do it) and he got me a little swiss army knife for my keychain. It's surprisingly super handy! -Pictures of us -- For the apartment, I love them!! 
-Blanket with Dixie on it -- It was more of a silly gift but it was so funny I cried. It's a huge throw blanket with her face on it. 

From My Parents: 

-Burberry Scarf -- This was for sure my big present and it's soooo soft. Excited to have it for the winter and it really is the perfect accessory, 
-Invisibobble Hair Ties -- I love these and now I'm stocked up! They are the best hair ties and I won't go back to the traditional ones. -
A Ton of Kitchen Stuff (for Andrew and I) -- like a TON! We're so excited -Makeup Refils -- like mac fix spraylaura mercier brightening powderabh brow pencil, and (the best) nail polish top coat
-Donna Karen Deodorant -- I've only heard great things and so far I'm really loving this deodorant. I don't think I've tried a new once since high school but I'm really into it. 
-Travel lint Roller -- I think I need a lint roller for every moment of my life. Now I can carry one in my purse!
--I also got a ton of other little knick-knacks that I love (I'm very fortunate!) 

From My Siblings: 

-Vince Sneakers -- I've owned the grey pair for about 3 years and these are probably my most worn shoes. I decided to ask for them in black and now I've worn those almost every day since Christmas. So comfortable and chic! 
-AirPods -- So excited to finally get these! I've developed mean headaches when I use over the ear headphones because they rest on top of my head. These have been great and cord free. I love them! 
-Charging Dock -- I got this with my AirPods and think it's so smart. It charges everything and I've already set it up at my desk. So easy! 

From Andrews Parents: 

-Jade Roller -- I've heard great things about this and I'm excited to try. I used it on New Years Day to de-puff and I don't know if it worked but it for sure felt good! 
-Nordstrom GC -- Because duhhhh I love Nordstrom 
-Invisibobble Hair Ties -- more! I'm so excited!! 

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