Weekend Update: January 26

This week FLEW by. I've been extremely exhausted towards the end of the week and I just can't figure out why but I hope to kick it and be back on schedule next week. Can't believe February is just around the corner already!

-Camo yoga pants because why not
-My favorite simple top (that is on sale)

Reading: I have still not picked up a book this year - I am the WORST. But I did just sent a first edition of in Sophia of Silicon Valley that I am excited to read.

NYC Life: So more regular life this week... my sister had her baby yesterday (YAY)!!! So I'm proud to be an aunt again, I got a raise and promotion at work and I SOBBED my eyes out during This Is Us. Like emotional week to the M-A-X.

Weekend Plans: Andrew and I just got our Movie Passes in so hopefully we'll be able to knock out some of our Oscar list! I really want to see Mollys Game and Lady Bird but we have like 10 movies on our list!! I'm also going to be filming a lot this weekend (I'm back on my once a week posting schedule!) and have some fun videos coming your way!

Most Popular Item This Week: You guys L-O-V-E-D this bow back sweater!

Favorite Finds:

Favorite Blogger Post of the Week:
-Loved Carly's breakdown and review of her Patagonia jackets
-An awesome Valentines Day guide for him & her on Kelly's blog

**PS I would love to feature some you guys -- the ones reading this post -- (who also have blogs) each week, so if you want to be considered for next week, leave me your favorite post from this week and I'll pick my favorite ones!**

Song of the Week: UM HELLO JT AND CHRIS STAPLETON?! Yes. yes. yes. yes 

A Must Watch: Leave it to Burger King to teach us about Net Neutrality... 

A Must Read: This is totally unrelated to the blog but is sommthgin that very much touches my work life. I read how 2/3 of BR revenue comes from social and their app (over their website) -- this is a big thing in the traditional media world!

Amazon Purchases of the Week: Added all of my new purchases to my shop page! New sunglasses and a ton of makeup organization!

Fitness: We are on week 7 and Andrew and I are hurting a lot lately -- his back and my shins/knees. I think I need to get new sneakers? I don't know. My knees feel like they jam against each other overtime I jump when I work out and for an hour after... Any suggestions??

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