Weekend Update: December 1

I cannot get over the fact that it's December 1st. I'm SO not ready! I guess I literally have 10 minutes to decide if I'm going to do vlogmas or not...


Reading: I'm about halfway through A Stranger in the House by Shari Lapena and I don't quite know how I feel about it yet.

NYC Life: I feel like I had a busy week but I can't remember what I did! Yesterday, Andrew and I took an introductory class for Transcendental Meditation which was really interesting. I think we're going to take our classes in the new year! 

Weekend Plans: Tonight we have a work friend's party and then a double date to our favorite Mexican restaurant Javelina. This weekend we'll be shooting for the blog and getting ready for our upcoming trip, nothing too exciting.

Most Popular Item This Week: My favorite J. Crew t-shirt (it was marked down to $9 on Monday!)

Favorite Finds:

A Must Read: The Secret (but Healthy) Diet Powering Kyrie and the NBA. Random, I know  but this article was in my favorite "long reads of the week" Twitter moment and the article resonated with me. In fact, it resonated so much I'm trying to cut out red meat and pork. We'll see how it goes!

Amazon Purchases of the Week: (ready for some random stuff?)

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