Vineyard Vines Holiday 2017

So excited to be sharing this post with you guys today! It's one of my favorite traditions here on the blog and something that is really special for Andrew and I. Hope you enjoy -- it's our favorite one yet!


On Krista: Vineyard Vines: White Ruffle Poplin Top / Black Cashmere Coral Lance Sweater / Jolly Plaid Taffeta Skirt / Sam Edelman: Black Hazel Heels / BaubleBar: Mini Monogram Necklace David Yurman: Pearl Earrings Kate Spade: Signet Ring

On Andrew: Vineyard Vines: Solid White Burgee Shirt / Sweater Shep Shirt / Slim Fit Khaki Pants / Holiday Lights Tie LL Bean: Hiking Boots

*all Vineyard Vines item were c/o*

Sorry for the photo overload but it was really hard to narrow these down. Allie shot some amazing photos of us and it was so hard to choose favorites. I really love sharing them so here we are!

This tradition of shooting a holiday look at The Palace kind of happened randomly. We had so much fun shooting our 2014 look that we decided to do it again for 2015 and then it snowballed from there. We always shoot a Vineyard Vines look here, and although it started by chance, it's now something we always love to do.

It's also fun to look back each year and see ourselves over time! Now that we've done it four years running we have to keep it going. Hopefully we'll bring our kids here and do the same (especially since Vineyard Vines has a kids line).

Before I get to my outfit, I guess we should address the elephant in the room. Andrew is sans beard for the first time (ever) on the blog! When we first started dating he didn't have the beard, but he has sported one for the past there years. It was a big shock to both of us when he decided to start fresh!

I of course love how he looks both ways, but this is the first time that many of you are seeing him without his thick beard. It's been like this for long enough that I forgot most of you haven't seen it!

As for my look, I always have a soft spot for the Vineyard Vines holiday skirts (obviously) but this might be my favorite one yet (close second being the scalloped one from 2015)! I love it because it's my style of skirt (the fit and flare) and it's SO preppy and plaid that I couldn't resist.

Since it's winter I wanted to pair it with a sweater. I always look for a reason to snag another cashmere sweater from VV (they are the BEST I swear) but felt it was a little too plain on its own. I really love to layer, so I decided to put this ruffle collared top underneath and LOVED how it turned out. It was so easy to layer since we weren't dealing with double layered sleeves. I also wore the sweater + top combo with jeans and flats to work and really liked how it looked.

So that's it for my ramble. I really hope you enjoyed!

See our 2014, 2015 and 2016 looks here!

Photos of Andrew and I by Allie at prêt-à-provost


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