Gift Guide: The Blogger

We're back with another gift guide! Today's theme is for the Blogger/YouTuber in your life. These are all of the things I use to make this blog work. I hope you enjoy!

Tripod: This is great for anyone taking their own photos and videos. I use this tripod all the time and for the price, you really can't beat it!

Sony Camera: This is the camera Andrew and I shoot on and have been using for the past three or so years. It's SO advanced in the mirrorless camera space and I've put it through the ringer. There are over 100,000 photos taken on this camera! I couldn't do this blog without it. 

Lighting Boxes: These are the lights I use for my YouTube videos but also for when we're shooting inside and there are harsh shadows in the apartment or there isn't enough light. These come in handy more than you think!

Portable External Charger: This is a LIFE SAVER just because we're all on our phones all the time. This charger lasts me about a week without worry. It's good for anyone with a phone.

Video Stabilzer: This is a fun gadget that's great for when you want to shoot video while moving. It really makes a nice fluid motion for the camera and the video!

Rode Microphone: This is also more of a fun thing to have but a really important one for YouTubers! You want to make sure the sound quality is good and that it picks up your voice without echo. 

Lens Polarizer: I don't EVER shoot without this. It really helps temper lighting and makes it 1000 times easier to shoot in daylight without crazy flare or blown out backgrounds.

SD Card Case: I used to have a serious problem of always losing my SD cards, but now I finally have a real home for them and it's been a life saver. They are SO easy to lose but the case gives me peace of mind.

Flexible Tripod: I use this for vlogging on the go (easier than the big tripod). Watching Casey Neistat convinced me I needed it! The things he does with his are truly inspiring haha.

Diva Ring Light: Going back to lighting, the light ring IS THE BEST. Its like an automatic filter on your face and it looks so good when taking photos or videos. With this, you're ready for your closeup. 

SD Card: A girl can never have too many SD cards (you know, to fill out your SD case). It's good to have a variety of sizes so you can use them for different things and different cameras!

Light Reflectors: Not something that you *totally* need but these are SUCH a help with shadows and lighting when it's not ideal to shoot. They are also great for indoors to fill the extra light!
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