Weekend Update: November 24

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a great week with those they love. I personally am not eating for the rest of the year so that's how good yesterday was. Still going to post my normal weekend update even over the holiday weekend so I hope you all enjoy!

Shopping: Oh lawd what haven't I bought?! My bank account is cryinnnggggg. As to not overload, you can see all the items I bought from the BF/CM sales HERE and I'll link the non sales stuff below:
-Fuzzy reindeer sweater (because, duh)
-Windowpane sweater (on sale!)

Reading: I haven't been reading this week but I do plan on starting to read The Breakdown by B.A. Paris

NYC Life: I haven't been in New York since the 13th but I sure am missing it! From what I've seen on Instagram, most of my favorite Christmas decorations are up and it's officially my favorite time of year! I have been checking in on Dixie via our Furbo and sending my love to her while I'm away.

Weekend Plans: I'm actually heading back to New York today! Andrew and I are gone for most of December so I wanted to make sure I could have at least some weekends at home to get our normal stuff done before the end of the year!

Most Popular Item This Week: This feather hem sweater dress you guys are L-O-V-I-N-G

Favorite Finds:

A Must Watch: The Try Guys: Lie Dector Test. I love the Try Guys and just laughed so hard at this video.

Amazon Purchases of the Week: Gah! A LOT of gifts that I cannot link to...
A gift for my BIL (I can link this since I know he doesn't read here)
Another gift for my BIL and BF -- and me! (Andrew, you know the drill -- please no clicking)
A squatty potty for a friend
Nerd glue for my new glasses

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