How I Found Greatness in New York

If you remember last month I shared the beginning of my journey of highlighting the best places, people and organizations that mean the most to me in the city -- the ones that make MY New York so great as part of the Poland Spring® Greatness Springs from Here™ campaign

For those who follow me on Instagram, you already have seen most of these but putting everything in one place as to recap and share the greatness in one place.

We first started out with the NDSS (in this blog post) and I really loved hearing from those of you who love to support the same organization. I think it's one that really can help make the world a better place, filled with love and acceptance and I'm happy to hear that some of you will be walking with me next year!

After that I highlighted Chelsea Market. Not only is it a staple to NYC but it's a huge staple in my life! I first moved to the city and lived in Chelsea and I found my life revolved around the market. It's really like a huge food mall that has something for everyone. They help drive a sense of community and promote local businesses.

Moving on to local people, I wanted to highlight Andrew and his brewery, Decadent Ales. I'm so proud of all they have accomplished so far and their ability to come up with a business, set their mind on a goal and make it come to life. Ever since I met Andrew he's shared his want to be his own boss and become a local entrepreneur. They are really bringing the love of beer to Westchester and the response has been overwhelming! 

Next is another great man in my life, Justin! Justin and I met this past summer in Montauk and you can say it's been pretty much love ever since. One of the things I love the most about Justin is his love and caring for others. He currently is a song and dance teacher at a local school that focuses on helping disabled youth. Finding his own love and life through the arts, he does his best to pass it on by helping with one on one attention during the school year!

And finally, we have Cookshop -- which if you know anything about me is my favorite restaurant in the city. One of my (many) favorite things about them is the fact that they deeply care about the community by giving back to local charities but also by making sure to only use and buy sustainable ingredients, humanely raised animals and only buy from local farmers and artisans. Their menu changes with the season and with what is fresh each month which is not something you normally find in the city!

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