Gift Guide: My Favorite Gifts

I wanted to share some of the best gifts I've personally received from others or have gotten myself -- basically these are just a random list of items I use everyday and cannot seem to live (or function) without. 


Barbour Quilted Jacket: Of course I love all my Barbour jackets equally but I really do have a special place in my heart for my quilted Barbour. I think because it's a tad bit warmer so it can go into the colder months, I love the contrast of quilted material + the corduroy collar and I love the way it fits (it's not too bulky). This gift is great for someone who loves Barbour or for their first jacket!

Fur Mule Loafers: I wear these loafers all. the. time! And I get compliments each time I wear them. They look IDENTICAL to the Gucci ones that are $$$ and in my mind are just as cute and comfortable for a fraction of the cost. These shoes are for the trendy but budget friendly girl on your list. 

Louis Vuitton Neverfull: If there is one item in my closet that goes with me no matter season, time, or place -- it's this bag. It's worth every penny (especially if you find it via resale) and is something that will last you a lifetime. The investment is real!

Travel Cosmetic Case: I got this originally as part of a sponsored blog post but have found myself using it every day since. It holds SO much, is really sturdy and safe for your items and is completely customizable so you can truly make it your own. It's my go-to when traveling!

Travel Steamer: Stop what you're doing and buy this steamer. Everyone I have gifted it to or has bought on their own LOVES it and cannot live without it. It's small enough to pack and carry while traveling but also gets the job done at home. It's also only $25 so there is no reason to not get it. I've had mine for 4 years now and love it the same as the first day I got it in. 

Black Loafers: When I'm not wearing my fur loafers and being ~trendy~ I'm wearing these. I snagged them last winter so I could have something comfortable and cute to wear to work and these are it. A couple of other girls in the office have a pair as well and we all chat about how they might be the most comfortable loafers out there. 

Amazon Alexa: I love my Alexa and have turned my family on to her too. It's definitely something you don't need but once you have it you can't live without. I use her for music, weather, traffic and for in home smart items (more below). The speakers on the Alexa are amazing!

Dyson Vacuum: Andrew got me this for Christmas last year and I don't know that I've loved a present more than this. Everyone in their life needs a cordless vacuum and this one from Dyson is the BEST. It's so much fun that it actually makes me want to vacuum since it's so easy to do. Honestly a big game changer. 

Smart Plug: I snagged a pair of these during Prime day but have since reordered because I use them so much. They connect with your Alexa and plug into your lights so basically you can put your lights on a timer or have Alexa turn them on/off. You just say "Alexa turn on lamp" and the light will pop on. It's the coolest!

Phone + Watch Charger: This charger has really kept my life in order. Having one dock on my nightstand that will charge my watch AND my phone is the best. I love that it's a little stand too so you can really turn either into their own alarm clock. It's a little annoying to travel with since it's so bulky but once I traveled with just my phone charger and really found I screwed myself for my watch! The duo chargers are really a game changer.


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