5 Scarfs You Need for Fall

You can't talk about fall without mentioning (or shouting out) you favorite scarfs! They are a staple in your wardrobe and today I'm partnering with Nordstrom to share my five must-have styles for fall!


(in order of appearance)

Free People Kennedy Waffle Knit Scarf (original post): Out of this bunch, I've worn/used this one the most. I bring it everywhere I travel and always stuff it in my bag if the temps drop. I love it so much because it's SO huge. You can do a thousand different things with it and be warm and stylish no matter what you decide. It's also super soft!

Barbour Tartan Bouclé Scarf: This was an old love from last year that has made its way back into my rotation this season. It sheds a little at first, but if you can look past that and see how amazing and soft and WARM this scarf is, you'll fall in love with it too.

Free People Kolby Brushed Scarf (original post): I snagged this recently because it had sold out when I wanted it last year. I love the color and the style of it but I do wish it were a *tad* shorter. This scarf is so LONG it's hard to wear casually but once you master it or find yourself in cold weather, you'll be thanking the heavens you have it.

Barbour Hailes Tartan Wrap (original post): This is for all my Barbour fans who aren't ready to take the plunge on the other Barbour scarfs above. This is the classic of all classics. It's the perfect kind of wool softness you want out of a scarf, and -- surprisingly -- it's actually pretty wide! I know in the past Barbour scarfs have been on the smaller side but not this one. They classify it as a wrap and it's true that you could wear it that way!

Nordstrom Collection Tassel Trim Wrap (original post): This is a little different than the others but for sure one to add to your list. This wrap is SO SOFT, like cashmere on a baby's bum soft. It's square in shape so you can really wear it a variety of ways, all of which look great.


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