Weekend Update: October 27

Happy Friday! Hope everyone is excited for the Halloween weekend and has their costumes ready!

The perfect staple cashmere sweater

Reading: I'm just about to start Mud Vein based off a recommendation from one of you!

NYC Life: It's been a weird week because of work (most of our office is out) but kind of fun but also really busy. I can't explain it. I guess the biggest news of my week is that after 26 years I've decided to part my hair down the middle. I got it cut on Tuesday and now here we are! 

Weekend Plans: Andrew and I are off to Portland, Maine for a quick weekend! We were there a couple of years ago during a pretty serious snow storm so we're excited to go back and see what the city really has to offer!

Most Popular Item This Week: These short silk PJs that are under $60!

Favorite Finds:

A Must Watch: This Burger King commercial about bullying. It was A+ work!!

Amazon Purchases of the Week (kind of boring sorry):
Image Skincare SPF + Moisturizer -- this stuff is the BEST

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