Weekend Update: August 4

Have some exciting news to share as well as a new to me product that I think you guys will LOVE. Happy Friday!! PS - this dress style is back in a blue and white stripe and I <3333

Shopping: Only bought one thing this week and it's these white jeans. They are AMAZING and I can't wait to show you them soon! Holy grail white jeans, please and thank you. 

NYC Life: A couple of fun things this week. On Tuesday night we had a doubleheader for our work softball team and won both games to win the division (yay!) and we played them on Roosevelt Island, where I had never been. We even celebrated with #allthebarfood. Then Wednesday, Courtney had a super fun and candy filled birthday party at Dylan's Candy Bar. On Thursday I had a much needed 90-minute massage and came home to an exciting box from Caitlin asking me to be her bridesmaid!! So honored and excited!! So it's been a really exciting week. And as for the weekend... 

Weekend Plans: Guys, Andrew moves in this weekend (eek!) First time I've had a roommate since 2010? Really excited but I really need to make some room for him hahah. Any advice or tips for living with your boo thang? Let me know below!

Most Popular Item This Week: My Jack Wills dress that is on sale!!

A Must Watch: Anyone else watching The Challenge this season?!?! I'm obsessed with the cast and the format for this year and I finally feel like my show is BACK. 

Favorite Find + Life/Work Update: Wasn't sure really where to put this but I for sure wanted to share it with you guys! A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine told me about Pixel Eyewear and how these (really cute) glasses help protect her eyes and help with her headaches at work. For those who don't know, THIS is the social room where I sit at work. It's a really cool, high-tech place but it's FILLED with screens. I face the wall (I'm the desk with the tomahawk and LA sticker) so above me are screens, a TV, a second monitor AND my computer at my desk.

I was getting really bad headaches from looking at all the light for 8-9 hours every day and it didn't help that I was coming home just to work on my computer for the rest of the night. So when my friend Catherine told me about Pixel I was all in. The lenses help protect your eyes from blue light produced by your devices (read more about it HERE and HERE).

I have to say, they really are awesome. My eyes don't feel as strained during the day and I haven't had a single headache from sitting in that room (which is huge). I've been showing them off like a mad woman because I think everyone needs a pair since we're all in front of screens for a majority of our days.

In the interest of full disclosure I did reach out on behalf of the blog to try out four pairs (to see in person which I liked the best) and ask to keep two BUT I also got a hookup and am able to offer a $5 off code for anyone who wants to buy it. I'm not getting commission or being paid to promote them I just wanted you guys to have a little extra incentive to protect your eyes!

So if you're interested, the code is BASES5 at checkout ANNNNNDDDD I'll be doing a try on haul early today (on Friday) for IG stories if you wanted to see the styles on my face. 

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