Weekend Update: August 25

Happy Friday! Sorry I've kind of been meh and MIA over here and on Instagram lately. To be honest I'm just burned out and uninspired right now with the blog. This time of year (between summer and fall) always seems to be the hardest for me, but as always, it will pass and we'll be back to regularly scheduled programing! I hope everyone had a great week. See more about my week below and get details on the above image HERE.

Shopping: Didn't shop this week because I'm trying to gear up for Monday. What's on Monday you ask? Sneak a peek HERE!!

Reading: I'm about half way through The Vanishing Year by Kate Moretti and it's good but nothing has happened yet and the suspense is kind of killing me. The book is labeled as a thriller so I'm just patiently waiting keeping my guard up about everything. Gah!

NYC Life: I went to two yoga classes this week that the gym in my building offered (for free!) one was on the roof deck the other night and it was so much fun. I think I'm all in on yoga now! It helps having Andrew around with me because I'm not as scared to go alone!!

Weekend Plans: We're heading to Disney!! We'll be there tonight through Monday and to say Andrew is excited is an understatement of the century. He's basically counting down the hours until we can ride Splash Mountain. It should be a really fun weekend. Take a nice break :)

Most Popular Item This Week: This eyelet skirt (that is on sale!) I actually wore it to work yesterday and got a ton of compliments on it. Perfect for the last few weeks of summer!

Favorite Finds:
I usually don't love one shoulder dresses but this one is SO CUTE!
Need my baby niece around ASAP so we can match in this print
StriVectin best sellers collection -- really great value!!
Theses look identical to the Gucci ones!

A Must Read: The girls at work just started a book club and we decided on Ruth Ware's new book The Lying Game and I'm really excited to start it!

A Must Watch: Drink with James -- I love this series but I thought this one was really interesting when he talked about bloggers and unboxing PR packages!

Amazon Purchases:

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