New York is My City

If anyone gets the reference of this blog post, I commend you. Such a dumb thing to know about or how it originated but I love YouTube so it makes sense (kind of). 


J. Crew: New York City Sweatshirt Articles of Society: White Jeans / Superga: Cotu White Sneakers RayBan: Wayfarer Sunglasses BabubleBar: Mini Monogram Necklace Nordstrom: Pearl Earrings
J. Crew has been really hit or miss for me this summer. Most things are just kind of meh but I did happen to buy this New York sweatshirt because I thought it was really cute! I felt like it was very old school preppy and then I realized I have a lot of sweaters/sweatshirts with different places named across the chest (Nantucket, Montauk and now this). Also kind of hoping it's not in reference to the Yankees...?

Either way, it's a fun sweater to wear casually around on the weekends (like me) or even to work. It's definitely a nicer sweater material where it's more structured and "fancier" (as far as sweatshirts go). Pair it with a crisp white jean and my go-to sneakers and you have yourself a look!

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