Blue and White Midi Dress For Summer

Say hello to my favorite dress OF ALL TIME. If you even remotely follow me outside of this blog you know I've worn this dress on a TON of occasions (last being to Surf Lodge this past weekend in Montauk!)

I bought this dress the last time we were in Nantucket just randomly out of the blue. I had never really shopped at Jack Wills before but I saw this print in the window and of course it caught my eye. I went in planning on actually trying it on in THIS style but I feel like I have so many already I went a little outside my comfort zone. 

I've never really had a midi dress like this before but I really do love it. Sometimes I think it makes me look a little frumpy but honestly I love this dress so much I don't even care. 

I will say I've worn this dress the most out of anything in my closet the past couple of months and anytime I wear it, I always get stopped and complimented. I think because the dress is just so unique and classic -- people need to know where it's from.

I'm wearing my normal size 6 and I don't wear a bra with it. I feel like it's secure enough for my DD chest and the material is thick so there is no need to worry about anything else. It gets a little tight after some food so if you are in between sizes, I would size up. 

If this print isn't your style, they have this dress in a darker print -- and if you love this print, they have it in a fit and flare and a mini shift!

PS -- Did I mention it's now 40% off? Which makes it under $90 (marked down from $150!!)

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