The Unsung Hero of My Summer Wardrobe

Happy Wednesday? It feels like Monday but it's a super short week -- which is really the best case scenario! Hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July weekend!


Draper James: Rosie Ruffle Top (also comes in white & blue polka dot!) / 7FAM: Denim Shorts / Superga: Cotu Sneaker / Ray-Ban: Wayfarer / Tnuck: Red Ball Earrings / Lancome: Red Lipstick

The unsung hero is not my top (although I do have it in blue) or these shoes (which came in close second) but these denim shorts.

Do you know how hard it is to find a pair of denim shorts you love, that are in style, long enough to cover your butt cheeks without being too long and highlighting your thighs is? Answer: v hard. 

I bought them on a whim earlier this year for my trip to Saint Lucia and was not at all excepting to like them (I've had a dark past with denim shorts). The first pair I ordered were a smidge too tight but I loved the style of them so much I ordered the next size up and now here we are today.

Every single trip I have been on since Saint Lucia, these shorts have been packed. They've been washed more than a handful of times, they've seen heat and rain and stains and yet they hold true as the unsung hero in my closet.

For years I was wearing a super old pair from J. Crew --- that I loved --- but didn't really fit what I was going for. I wanted a distressed pair of shorts that weren't frayed at the bottom, that were longer than the pockets and (once again) that didn't show my butt! I hate this new diaper denim trend where girls but cheeks are sticking out. It's not cute.

So while these may be on the expensive side for jean shorts, I promise they are worth it. Sometimes you have to invest in something that you'll wear forever and that will hold up over the years. 

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