3 Tips for Keeping Hydrangeas Alive and Not Wilting

Ever love something so much that just by looking at it it dies? Because that's how my relationship with freshly cut hydrangeas have gone UNTIL NOW!

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I know a lot of girls are peonies girls but my favorite flower by far are hydrangeas, preferably (of course) white or blue. But as much as I love them, I had the HARDEST time really keeping them alive in my apartment. I know I don't have much of a green thumb but I couldn't even keep these perky for 24 hours. 

I started reading around and trying out new things and now want to share some tried and true things that really work!!

1. Give them HOT water -- for some reason they love and respond to hot water over cold.

2. Give them a LOT of water -- they drink water like crazy so give them water from the stem AND the flower. To bring them back from the edge of death just dunk them head first in a bowl of water for an hour or two. For day to day maintenance, I also use a spray bottle for the tops of the flower as well as replacing their water every day. 

3. Stem Maintenance -- You really have to take care of the stems since it's like their lifeline to the water. Like with most flowers, take off the leaves and cut the stems at a serious angle. Also be sure to keep up with cutting them every few days so they can continue to drink happy!

And with these three things, you should have very happy and healthy hydrangeas! PS -- my parents new house has HUGE hydrangea bushes all over the front and back yard and I'm obsessed. So thanks Mom for letting me pick these!!

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