Weekend Update: June 23

Been a beautiful week in the city and a really fun one at work! Celebrated National Wear Your Lilly Day with this new dress above and got SO many compliments on it -- wore it with a jean jacket for work and it was perfect! See what else made my week so great below:

--I'm not one much for off the shoulder dresses but I made an exception for this one.
--Perfect LBD for a wedding I have next weekend

NYC Life: This week (minus Tuesday) was so beautiful weather wise I tried to spend as much time wandering around outside as I could. Last night we had a work softball game in Central Park which is so fun to be apart of. Other than that not a whole lot has been going on!

Weekend Plans: The weekend totally snuck up on me so I have zero plans as of right now! Hoping to get some work for the blog done, clean my apartment (always) and hopefully enjoy some nice weather.

Most Popular Item This Week: This avocado swim suit! hahaha who knew

Favorite Finds:
-A perfect white shirt to add to your collection
-My favorite sunglasses of all time are finally available online
-A pleated satin dress asking to be twirled in

Song of the Week: Waving Through a Window by Ben Platt. Cannot stop listeninggggg to this song!

A Must Watch: My ponytail routine for dirty hair! We can all support a little self promotion, right?

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