Weekend Update: June 16

Happy Friday! Yes, yes that is Chance the Rapper. My love. It was amazing, he was amazing his show was awesome. And yes, he tweeted at me!!

-Got this pom pom tote bag (under $50) in for my trip to Nantucket and LOVED how big it was!
-These are the perfect slide heels a girl will ever need
-A pleated mini skirt -- perfect way to beat the heat and still look cute at work

Reading: I really want to pick up this new book from Kate Schelter -- I've been seeing all my friends rave about it recently! 

NYC Life: Andrew and I went to see Wonder Woman last night and it was ah-mazing!! I love a good super hero movie! Totally living up to all the hype :)

Weekend Plans: I have the itch to clean out my apartment so be sure to follow along with my shop page because I'll be selling a TON of stuff! But um can we take a moment to talk about last weekend when I got to MEET CHANCE THE RAPPER. We hugged and he was so nice and we got the photo above and I about fainted. Highlight of the year!

Most Popular Item This Week: These banana leaf slide sandals! PS you need them

Throwback Post: A heart wall in NYC -- thinking I need to get back soon!

Favorite Finds:

Song of the Week: "True Colors" from the movie Trolls. Watched it this past weekend and cried at this part. It's NBD

A Must Read: The latest Instagram update that will make more transparency for sponsored posts! Can't wait for this to take effect! 

A Must Watch: "Waving Through a Window" by Ben Platt at the Tonys... I feel in love with the song and now I need to see the show!!

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