How I'm Able to Keep My Hair Healthy Without Getting It Cut

If anyone at home is keeping track, I haven't cut my hair since early December. That means no scissors have come near it in nearly 6 months and these photos were taken this past weekend. Not too shabby, right? My hair is as healthy as ever and I wanted to share my haircare process with you guys so hopefully you can master the same results!


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My hair follicles are thin and oily, but I have SO much hair. With thinner hair, comes more oil and it's something I've learned to deal with and is why dry shampoo has been my life saver.

My hair gets oily after one day, meaning that the night after washing it, the crown of my head and the sides near my ears are unacceptably oily. BUT the way to combat oil is to not wash it as much. So while I have really oily hair, I only wash my hair 2-3x a week. In between, I dry shampoo it up, and put it in a pony tail or bun if necessary! You can see my dry shampoo routine HERE and my pony tail routine HERE.

What I wanted to do below is take you through all the steps of my current routine from shower to post washing hair and everything in between!

In the Shower:
1. Shampoo: I started using this shampoo around this time last year due to a sponsored campaign and ended up LOVING it. I've tried other products since but none compare to this. Finding a shampoo I actually really love is like finding a needle in the haystack. My go-to joke was how I'll never be able to commit to anything if I can't commit to a shampoo for more than a month.

But now it's been close to a year and they don't sell it in store anymore (thank you Amazon!) and I have stocked up. Don't know how I'll ever use anything else!

2. Hair mask (once every other week): I never really used conditioner in the past because of how oily my hair is, but I found that this is a 10x better option anyway! I use this mask on my hair in the shower abut once every other week and only put it on the ends (any part that a low pony tail and down would hold) and avoid getting it on my scalp. 

My hair has NEVER been softer after using and it will literally transform your hair within 6 minutes. I always want to use it more because I love how soft it makes my hair but I don't want to over use it so I'm in a constant struggle!

When Hair is wet:
1. Spray with Leave in Product: Out of the shower I towel dry it and spray this leave in treatment. Just like the mask above from the same brand, it really does help transform and protect my hair when I style it. It also helps with tangles which is huge for me so I'm not ripping out my hair!

2. Brush: I got this brush as part of a mailer a couple months ago and I absolutely love it. It's so great for wet hair and won't damage or rip anything out like other brushes do! I wasn't into they hype of a wet brush before I tried it and now I can't go back to any other way!

3. Oil: Argan oil had been a huge game changer in terms of damage protection and nourishment for my hair. I pump two pumps into my hands, move it around and then flip my hair over and really work the oil into the lower parts of my hair (once again avoiding my scalp because we're oily up there). Not only does it smell amazing but it helps bring my hair back to life and protect it.

4. Blowdryer: Before you say anything I know it's crazy expensive for a hairdryer. BUT it has been the BEST hairdryer I have ever used in my entire 26 years on this earth and the price is 100% worth it. It's crazy powerful and my hair is dry within a matter of minutes. My theory is the less time you spend blowdrying your hair, the less heat and damage will come from it. So why not get a really good and fast drying one and be done with it? Not to mention it's SUPER lightweight.

5. Curling Wand: I curl my hair on average about once a week because I think if you do it every day, you will damage it. Sometimes you have to let your hair breathe a little and give it that natural life it wants to live! When I do curl it I always make sure to use this wand. Even at it's highest setting, it won't ruin or burn your hair. You know it's a good wand when your hair looks healthier after you use it!

To Extend Clean Hair:
Dry Shampoo: I love and swear by this dry shampoo till the day I die! You can see a full review of other ones HERE but this will always be my holy grail!

You can see my last hair cut and meet my favorite stylist HERE in this video! Brandon, I'm not cheating on you I just haven't gotten my hair cut!!
P.S. I think it might help to note that I've never colored or treated my hair!

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