Four Year Anniversary Living in New York City

Man, life sure does move fast! How has it already been four years in the city? Every year around my anniversary I write one of these posts and it's really fun to look back and see how I've grown and changed over the years. 

I remember writing this post on my three year anniversary and being overtly happy about everything in my life. Remembering how thankful and lucky I was to be in that exact place at that exact point in time. I also remember how terrified I was that it was the happiest I would be and that each year from there just wouldn't measure up. I'm happy to report that is not the case!

I remind myself every day how lucky I am to have the life I do. I have a wonderful and loving family that supports and encourages me everyday to live my best life. I'm in a wonderful and longterm committed relationship to the man I love. I work at a place where I look forward to going every day. I have friends who would move heaven and earth for me and I live in a dream apartment overlooking the city. Life is pretty great.

The craziest thing about it all is that I never wanted or planned for this life. Ask 21-year-old Krista to move to New York City and she would have said hell-to-the-no and stormed away. Even ask 23-year-old Krista and she would have said "just for a year" and moved along. 

But here I am, 26, and in love with the place I live and the life I lead. Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith, follow your passions and never compromise for mediocre. You have to work hard, be nice and always find time to take care of yourself. 

Living in this city has been and will continue to be the best years of my life. In the past year I moved into an amazing apartment in Hudson Yards, I've continued to grow and evolve my position at work, traveled to and checked off some bucket list places, found a perfect work/life/blog balance and have been contributing a significant savings toward my future. 

Looking forward to the years to come excite and scare me. I'm excited for my life to continue to evolve and grow and take on new things but I'm also really scared. Scared of looking forward to the future too much and not enjoying the present enough. These are the golden years of life and I need to take everyday as the blessing it is.

But I also wanted to take a quick moment and thank you -- whoever is reading this -- for supporting this blog. I know people say this all the time, but I really couldn't have done any of this or gotten to where I am without you guys. Having this blog has connected me to some of my very best friends, has allowed me to travel to places I thought were only possible in dreams and introduced me to a whole new world of people (you!).

Life gets busy, and as crazy as it may seem, I try and stay off social media as much as I'm able during my normal day. So I may not be replying to every comment on my Instagram or here on the blog but please know I read and love every single one of them. I know who our regulars are here (shoutout to Laura, Dana, Britney C, Kelsey, Diana and many more!) and I truly love being able to connect with all of you. 

I appreciate the people who have been here since Southern Shopaholic days (or even Serious SS days!! eek) but I also appreciate readers who are reading this blog for the first time. I'm here for you guys just like you are for me. You keep me motivated and strong and when I need a shoulder to lean on I find that you all are an amazing support system. 

So again, thank you for more than you can ever imagine. Thanks for following along on this journey, thanks for stopping me on the street to say hi, thanks for being there when my outfits are questionable and thanks for supporting me since day one to year four. None of the stuff above would be as great without each and every single one of you!

Here is to another year in this crazy city. May this year be better than the last! And as tradition, here are my goals for the year to come (taking off things I was able to accomplish from last year!)

By this time next year I'd like to....
...continue to grow my job at work
...have fewer things
...travel home more
...see the blog continue to grow
...become more tidy in the apartment
...cook more food/eat out less
...work out on a consistent basis

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