A Go-To Ralph Lauren Flag Summer Sweater

Say hello to my new favorite sweater! (*in unison* Hi, new favorite sweater!)

I finally pulled the trigger on this sweater while shopping in Nantucket but I've had my eye on it for a couple of years now. I said it wouldn't be worth the price or I wouldn't wear it enough, but it's been about three weeks and I've already worn it several times.

I had two internal debates when shopping: Cream or navy? Small or medium?

I have SO many navy sweaters I could make my own clothing line, but I also wear every single one of them. I love navy sweaters and I love everything they go with when wearing them. So did I want something I was guaranteed to wear or something that I hadn't truly owned before?

The associate in the store and Andrew helped me make the final decision to go with the cream and I'm really happy with my purchase. It goes with any bottom I pair it with and I'm really happy to have something different in my closet.

For the sizing, I went with the small. Mainly because that's the only size they had in store in the cream but also because when I tried on the medium in the navy, there wasn't that big of a difference in size. The arms were a little longer on the medium but in the chest and shoulder area, they were about the same. So I hesitantly grabbed the small and haven't seen any problems with it as of yet!

So if you're feeling extra patriotic or preppy or just like what I'm wearing and want the same thing, you can snag one for yourself in cream HERE or in navy HERE.
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