3 Easy Hacks for Living with a Cat in New York City

Dixie and I are BACK in action today with Tidy Cats -- showing you their coolest new product but also sharing some insider tips on how to live with a cat in a small place! Hope you enjoy :)

1. Cat Proof the Apartment: Not quite as extreme as baby proofing but just about! With Dixie I wanted to make sure she has her on space here where it's 100% hers (meaning her space isn't a chair I sit in). So last year my mom sent her this huge cat tree. Living in my studio in Chelsea that was a big space hog but Dixie loved it so much. In this apartment it's much better and it's by the window overlooking the city which she loves. It's about 8ft tall and has scratching posts, a couple beds and a bunch of levels for her to climb. So when you give space for your cat, remember to think up and not out! Some cats LOVE to climb.

Other small things I do is make sure all doors to closets are closed. She loves getting in there and getting her cat hair everywhere (even in the pantry) so it's just a mindful step to keep things shut -- even the dresser drawers! Otherwise I'll really never find her. We also always are conscious about plastic around Dixie. She eats it right up and has a really bad obsession with it. 

2. Get Technical: Andrew is the best at buying these but the things we have for Dixie are so tech savvy! We have an automatic food dispenser where we can control her portion size and spread it out throughout the day and it's great for when we're out of town. Not having to worry she's not getting enough food is a thing of the past! Last year he also got a cat camera so when we're out of town we can check in on her. It has a two way microphone so we can talk to her and it also has a fun treat dispenser to show her we love her even when we're not around!

3. Litter Delivery: So this is a recent life hack we found out about but you can have cat liter and a box DELIVERED to your door!! What Tidy Cats Direct has done is made a liter box out of cardboard  so you never have to clean it or worry about. It's small and compact, perfect for each month and when you're done with it, you just close it back up and toss it out! We've been testing it out for a little over a month now and have completely thrown away our old litter box. I don't think we'll ever go back.

Being in the city, I get everything delivered (clothes, groceries, dinner...) so having this sent right to my door is such a game changer! The box itself is only available to purchase online (at places like Amazon, Walmart, Target etc as well as directly from Purina!)

Still a little confused as to what the heck I'm talking about? Watch this little video here that helped me understand more before I got it in. It's a game changer guys!! And to give back I'm teaming up with Tidy Cats to give away a 1-Year Amazon Prime membership as well as a month supply of Tidy Cats Direct!! If you want to be entered, just leave a comment below with your favorite cat memory and your email address!

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