Red Ruffle in Saint Lucia

I may officially be back, but the photos from Saint Lucia are never going to end! Let's hop into it...


Topshop: Bardot Ruffle Minidress / J. Crew: Sequin Earrings (more colors HERE) / Hermes: Oran Sandals (dupe option HERE) / BaubleBar: Mini Monogram Necklace

I actually got this dress as a rehearsal dinner option for the wedding, but the dinner itself turned out to be pretty informal so I went with a gingham maxi (more on that later this week). But of course I still wanted to shoot it since this dress is stunning and is a hair over $100 so it won't break the bank.

It has a zipper in the back and I would categorize the dress as a fit-and-flare with pockets :) The sleeves are mostly there for decoration and to hurt my bruise (on my left arm -- you can see how swollen it is). The full story on that is currently up on my IG story for the next 12 hours so hurry if you want to see/know about it.

I tried wearing the dress without my arms in the straps but it just kind of looked weird. Sometimes you can get away with it on other dresses, but this is not the one.

What I really loved about this dress is its thickness. It's structured enough that it will stand up on its own and hold its shape. I also won't wrinkle. I found I didn't even need to steam this dress out of my suitcase (which is rare) so I count that as a win.

As for the earrings, I actually bought them to go with this outfit but totally forgot to wear them. I think this works though :) J. Crew has some of the BEST earrings right now!! They are really taking another look at their jewelry line and it's totally showing. All hail the statement earring. 


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