The Merrion Hotel - Dublin, Ireland

So excited to share our stay and hotel from Dublin! We had the best time and a lot of it was thanks to The Merrion. Get your bucket list ready because this hotel is one for the books!


The hotel is right in the heart of downtown and we honestly couldn't have picked a better place to stay. We were directly across from the Prime Minister's office (basically their White House), about a 10-minute walk to all the shopping, 15 to Trinity College, and about five to restaurants, bars and the DART. 

Even though we were on a busy street, you could never hear it from inside! All of the windows have soundproofing on them so you really felt like you were in the middle of nowhere until you stepped outside to see a thriving city!


We were in the main house facing towards the street and stayed in a Deluxe King Suite. The room was perfect for us and was so extremely spacious. I loved it! There was more than enough closet for Andrew and I, plenty of room to spread out and the bathroom was to die for!

What I especially loved the most was the decor. It was so preppy, classic and charming I need their decorator to come over for a visit! I had to include the toile print room above. That would be living the dream!!

The bed was so well made and amazing to sleep on. I got some of the best sleep there! They also had blackout curtains that I'm sure helped :) In the bathroom, they also had a heated towel rack that was the besssssttt. Nothing was overlooked at this hotel.


The Merrion had just about everything you would need in a hotel. From multiple restaurants and two bars, to a huge spa and indoor (infinity) pool, room service, a concierge desk and more. Whatever you wanted, they had! What I loved the most was how they provided us with converters. Andrew and I might have overlooked that in the planning process so we were so lucky to find they provided one for each room and could send more if needed.


During our short stay we were also able to fully check out what The Merrion had to offer in terms of food. One morning we had a traditional Irish breakfast. I had eggs benedict and Andrew got pancakes. Both of course were amazing. And on Sunday night we ordered room service, which was also just as great.

During our first tour we also had a chance to stop by the Cellar Bar which is under the hotel and we had some snacks and our first Guinness! 


The hotel itself was absolutely stunning and we had the best time. When first getting to The Merrion you think it's just the one main house, but during our tour we found out it's the whole block and then some! The whole place was so beautifully restored and still had the same amazing charm you knew it had all those years ago.

What I also found fascinating is their art collection. They had some of the most beautiful pieces all around the hotel. You can even take a full guided tour of their art collection, it's that impressive!

The staff was amazing, welcoming, extremely helpful and so gracious. They saw the jet lag on our faces and let us get to our room early. They were always helpful in giving us recommendations of where to go and what to see, even how to get around. They even invited me to pour my Guinness behind the bar!

Overall My Experience Was...

Just amazing. Andrew and I were blown away by how amazing our hotel stay was and we are already looking up times to go back and visit. If you're in Dublin, check out the Merrion! You will not regret it. A visit to Dublin just won't be as special without them!
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