Always a Bridesmaid

This is actually my first bridesmaid wedding but I thought it would be a fitting title! I have some exciting news to share... 


ONE / TWO / THREE (also comes in navy)

Fun news! My sister's wedding is exactly two weeks from today in Saint Lucia and I'm her maid of honor. She's going to have a really small family-only wedding on the beach, and I could not be more excited to celebrate her big day with her.

Seeing as I'm the only one standing for her, she gave me free reign to pick out my own dress. The requirements were: no navy, no pattern and some kind of beachy color. You would think that would be pretty easy. And you'd be wrong.

I bought about 20 dresses to try on, and wound up liking two of them (the 2 1/2 above). Finding something beachy but formal, long but not heavy and light colored is not an easy feat! My first thought was to go with an Adriana Pappell dress, which are honestly perfect for weddings (bridesmaid or not). My mom is wearing AP for the wedding so I thought it would be perfect.

I ordered this and this dress in the heather blue/silver nude (literally the only difference is the beading and the straps -- bet you didn't even know both are featured above!!) and I love them both. They're a size six, and surprisingly one is a little tighter than the other. But I feel great in both of them. I was only disappointed slightly by the color being more grey than blue!

The AP dresses are very traditional and really lovely. They would go great with the rest of the women at the wedding and would be awesome for my sister's big day.

I also (on a whim) picked up this yellow dress. I tried on a dress at Nordstrom that was short with a long overlay and loved the idea. I was pretty desperate to find a dress at this point so I just ordered it despite yellow not really being in the color palette, and we all like it.

It's obviously gorgeous and is so different than any other dress. It's the perfect mix of formal and beachy and is just an overall great dress. The only problem is it's yellow and we're not sure how it'll look with my sister's ivory gown. We found it in navy as well but I thought it was a bit too dark for the wedding!

So there are pros and cons to both dresses and we have some decisions to make! I won't share what we picked until the wedding day but I'd love to hear your (nice) thoughts :) Also feel free to send any love to my sister, Kim, (and to my mom, since it's her birthday!!!!) in the comments down below as I'm sure she'll be stalking the post...


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