What Do You Do?

If you don't know by now, I have a full-time job working in Major League Baseball. No, not for the Yankees or the Mets, but for the league. So let me give you my little speil I give to everyone when they want to know more about what I do...


Dress / Shoes / Desk Chair (the most amazing chair from Sleek Modern Furniture!) / Desk

I work in our social media department and I've been there since June 2013. I've held two different titles and three different jobs during my time there. 

And so for the past two, heading into three, seasons (2015 to the present) I've been in this role as a Social Sponsorship Strategist. Social sponsorship is just the term when we have sponsored social posts on any of the 30 clubs and league accounts. Basically what I do is help strategize/plan/create/execute/analyze any sponsored content on any of our accounts. Basically any time you see a brand @ mentioned, overlaid or hashtagged on any baseball related account or post, you can assume that has come across my desk.

I love it at here and I am immensely happy and satisfied with the work I do. I love my colleagues and some of my best girlfriends in my life are girls from work. I feel empowered, proud and challenged by the work I do everyday. I'm happy getting up every morning and sometimes I just leave feeling giddy on my way out.

So when people ask me if I would ever blog full time, I say no. A big, quick, sure: hellllllll nah. If I was given an ultimatum of work or the blog, I would choose work. Most of the girls I know who have decided to blog full time weren't happy at work, it wasn't their passion. But for some strange reason social sponsorship has become mine. It's not a glamorous job by any means (the work itself) but it's fun for me. It's something I never saw myself doing but now can't image doing anything else.

Two years ago my role didn't even exist and two years from now I have no idea where I see it ending up. But I'm happy to take the journey and to see what it will become and what I'll become. To know I work at a place that values me, gives me potential to grow and shapes my own path is exciting and liberating. And I wish the same for anyone who is reading this.


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