Top 10 Tops in My Closet

Closet staples: Everyone has them and I want to show them. One of the things I was asked to share last month when I asked for new ideas from my followers was more closet staples/must haves/things I can't live without. Well today I'm sharing 10 tops that I NEED in my closet and you do too!


1. Barbour Jacket: The best jackets of all time are Barbour. My love for the brand and their clothing runs deep and it's one of the few brands that I have been loyal to year after year with no signs of slowing down. My favorite of their jackets is the Beadnell (which is what I'm wearing above). It's the perfectly tailored spring and fall jacket that honestly goes with everything. Dress it up or down. It's that versatile. 

I feel like no matter your style or preference, this jacket is for everyone. The navy is currently 25% off HERE, the green is available HERE and the quilted version (also on sale) is HERE.

2. Camel Blazer: There was a time in my life (about three or so years) when I was on the HUNT for a camel blazer. I searched high and low knowing that this would become the go-to thing in my closet. I wanted it to be perfect and I had the perfect idea of what it should look like, but could never find "the one."

That was until I found THIS one and my long search was over. It was over. This was it. This style of jacket is the absolute best and one that I swear looks amazing on all who try it on. It's the only style and type of blazer I will buy anymore (and has been that way for about two years). It does not disappoint. 

3. Navy Vest: The layering possibilities are endless and it will give you any extra touch for fall and winter. It can even be cute on some cooler days in spring! A vest is a must have for anybody's closet as long as it's versatile. That's the common theme here for must haves in your closet: things need to be versatile. 

There are a ton of options for vests (quilted or not) out on the market but I've been a fan of THIS since day one. Where would I be without a navy vest? You can find a new version HERE (on sale) or the factory version HERE (50% off).

4. Beige Turtleneck: Really any turtleneck would work here but I'm a big fan of the beige color for the same reasons mentioned above. It goes with so much and can be worn during a variety of times and occasions. As you see below, I'm a fan of cable knit. It gives some structure and contrast. 

My favorites for a long time have been THESE from the 'crew just because they hold up so well. I also really love ones from 525 America but they tend to be much more pricey and don't hold up as well after washed. I have yet to find something wrong with the J. Crew sweaters and so each year I keep going back to get a new color (obviously my other colors are navy and white).

5. Navy Sweater: In my mind, navy is a neutral so this is a no-brainer. I wear this sweater on cool spring days, during fall and all the time in the winter. It's great for layering, draping over your shoulders, tying around your waist or wearing under a vest. It can do no harm and will always be there when you need it. 

My personal favorites are from Ralph Lauren (regular or factory store) and they don't have to be cashmere but of course are softer when they are. Cable knit and crew neck are (in my opinion) the best version of the sweater.

You can find sweaters: HERE / HERE / HERE / HERE

6. White Oxford: This is probably my No. 1 from this list. I cannot tell you how strong my love for a Ralph Lauren oxford is. Maybe the fact that I own about seven (no joke) white oxfords and three blue ones may convince you? No one out there makes a better everyday basic and classic oxford than RL. I usually stock up on them whenever I'm near an outlet but you can also buy them online.

When I think of an outfit that is "me" it always includes this oxford. If I had to pick one thing from my closet to take from a fire, I think this would be it. I can't remember the last trip I took and this wasn't in the suitcase. This is something you can wear all year round, you guys! And you can find this exact oxford HERE, HERE and HERE.

7. Chambray Shirt: Out of all the items I've chosen today, I feel like this is the most "trendy" of the bunch. Not that it's something to go out of style, but it definitely comes in waves of being in style. I personally love this for spring and summertime but it can be worn all year round. I especially love it with white denim (pants or shorts) because the contrast of colors and the style always go so well together. I've also been known to wear it openly with a tank under it, which is super cute as well!

This is again something that can go with so much and can be worn over many of the seasons. Dress it up or dress it down, tie it, unbutton it, layer it -- it all works. You can find this years version HERE and the factory version HERE

8. Stripe Top: If navy is a neutral, so are stripes. Navy stripes? Most definitely. I love my stripes like I love my gingham. They are classic and can be worn all year round. I of course especially love to wear it in the summer but I'm not one to discriminate. Every girl should own a good stripe shirt no matter the brand. I have some stripes from F21 that I love but the brand that has my heart is Saint James. No one does stripes better than they do.

I have a couple other Saint James pieces but my navy and white stripe is far and away my favorite as well as the one that is worn the most. You can find it HERE and a long sleeve version of it HERE.

9. White Blouse: There is no specific style for this shirt but I wanted to include it as an overarching category. You need a white blouse in your closet. When I say blouse I mean either a silk, nylon or polyester blend shirt. Something that is light and easy to wear, that goes with EVERYTHING and that can be worn at any times.

In my mind a white blouse is the most essential thing in a closet. It's a go-to for dates, nights out at the bars, work, brunch with friends, meeting the parents; everything. You are never under or overdressed in a white blouse. If I could tell you the amount of shirts I have that fall into this category you think I was crazy. But I love them. You need them. Long sleeve, sleeveless -- tunic style or regular cut -- v-neck or crew, you cannot go wrong. 

Anything will work, but here are some examples: HERE / HERE / HERE / HERE

10. White Tank: A white tank top is essential to any closet, no matter the season. Silk is preferred but really anything that is stark white will do. I stock up on different tanks from a variety of places (like HERE) but have a special place in my heart for the ones from J. Crew (have it in scallop too). White camis are your ideal basic top that will last you a lifetime! [P.S. Factory version HERE]


Whew! And that's it! Was there any shirt that I missed? I'd love to know your top tops in your closet. P.S. You can see my full closet HERE!


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