Top Picks (and What I Got) from the After Party Sale

Wow! What an interesting sale, right?? I say this every year but it always seems to be true -- that was the best one yet! I hope you all came away with some amazing goodies, I know I did. I'm sharing my top picks from the sale along with what I purchased below! Enjoy!


My Favorite Items:

What I purchased: THIS simple navy dress // THIS stripe shift (that I have in a ton of colors and love for work!!) // THIS gold + white skirt I've been dying for!

Items that I have (and love) that are in the sale: THIS Zeta top I wore in the Hamptons // THIS scuba dress I wore for a fun weekend in Montauk 

Things you don't know you need: So I have a ton of jewelry but only seem to wear three pieces from Lilly! Thankfully for you, they're all in the sale and I swear by them!! I always get asked where they are from and I always am so sad to report they are sold out. Not today!!

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