My Most Popular Posts of 2016

This years post will be a little different than my 2015 and 2014 posts! See, I couldn't just select the top 5 because I didn't think they reflected what my site has grown into this year. So I decided to do a top five in each category since Covering the Bases expanded to more verticals this year! I hope you enjoy!!

Top 5 Fashion:

Top 5 New York City Apartment:

Top 5 Video Posts:

1. How to Take Blog Photos (also below)

Top 5 Blogging Series: 

Top 5 Uncategorized:

1. Your Guide to Buying LL Bean Boots

2. Instagram vs Real Life Vol 2

3. How to Buy Chanel Flats at a Discount

4. Shop My Designer Bags (On Sale)

5. My Move in New York City

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