Boots (and Jackets) with the Fur

Everyone loves some cold winter accessories, right? Although the weather has actually been all over the place here in New York -- no joke a snow dump on Saturday and a 60 degree day on Thursday -- I'm still trying to brace/prepare for winter! Who's with me??


Ralph Lauren: Down Parka (currently 50% off!) / J. Crew: Cambridge Turtleneck / AG: Skinny Jeans / Arturo Chiang: Fur Hiking Boot / Ugg: Headphone Earmuffs / Louis Vuitton: Pochette Metis

Winter is coming! Or it's here? Depending on the day, who really knows. But I thought the best way to reinspire myself to dress for winter is with some cute new winter gear! Is anyone even still shopping winter clothes? Or is it just me? I feel like all the stores have already switched to spring and I'm over here singing "boots with the fur" because it's catchy and still relevant. 

ANYWAY I got a new winter coat in (not like I needed one at ALL) but it was 50% off and I really couldn't say no. I first off love the color of the jacket but what really sold me was the shearling liner in the front. A little sad it didn't go all the way through the jacket but its still a cute touch!

I also snagged these boots (which online it says to size up but I did and they were too big!!!) I really wanted something new to wear on my shoes other than my uggs for winter. I found these (they come in three colors) and I really loved them. They are so soft and actually keep your feet super warm! Even without socks!


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