The Perfect Holiday Dress

I mean if it's too early for holiday looks you just let me know. I can slow my roll. I won't like it but I can do it if needed. I just want to share #allthelooks because I love dressing for the season. But this dress was a big hit on snapchat (@kristalinn14) over the weekend and I thought it was too good not to share!


Ted Baker Islaay Brocade Dress, the perfect holiday dress
Ted Baker Islaay Brocade Dress
Helene Berman Wool Coat, red coat, holiday coats
Helene Berman Wool Coat
Red Celine Nano Luggage Bag
Ted Baker Islaay Brocade Dress
Ted Baker: Islaay Brocade Dress (another color option here) / Helene Berman: Wool Coat (similar, also really cute red fit & flare jacket here!!) / Prada: Pointy Toe Pump (similar) / Nars: Red Lipstick / Celine: Nano Luggage / Zara: Gold Earrings / David Yurman: Chain, Black Onyx Cuff, Topaz Cuff

If there is anything we take away from this look today its the fact that I'm supppppeeerrrr pale and in need of a little sun. Doesn't help that the sun was hiding behind the clouds and it was like 50 degrees out but still. And of course I would finally shoot a dress look and the weather would be chilly #ugh

ANYWAY I saw this dress online and knew I had to have it for the upcoming holidays. It was the perfect mix of festive but stylish and for sure something to be worn all year long. I am pretty bummed that it didn't photograph as well (in my mind) as it showed in real life. It's just this really beautiful dress and the photos don't do it justice. It like shimmers in the light and the pops of red are perfect to pair with a wool red coat

We also took a cab over to the plaza (where this is shot) and it got a little wrinkly around my hips. I know it's normal for dresses to do that because this is how life goes but it's just annoying to see it now. So forgive me...

I ordered the dress in a size 3 (8-10) because I knew it was going to have zero stretch (which I was right) but it was just too big on me. The 4 of the 4-6 sizing scared me but it's currently on its way to be exchanged for a smaller size so I will keep you posted. 

Added bonus, when I was linking this dress up I found that it comes in another color!! It's super cute for those who want a different look to the dress while keeping the same structure. 


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